Charlie Murphy Will Not Apologize

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Charlie Murphy is funny. Not because he’s a comedian, but because he’s a comedian that doesn’t give a damn; and he proves that in the release of his first ever DVD I Will Not Apologize.
Fans have been waiting for this release ever since the bad news came out that there was no more Chappelle Show. During my one-on-one with the comic genius, Charlie Murphy talks about staying on top, what you can expect from his DVD, and if there really is a feud between him and the Wayans brothers.

I Will Not Apologize DVD Cover

Parlé: What is Thanksgiving like in the Murphy residence. Is everyone constantly cracking jokes?
Charlie Murphy: We laugh and sit around the table enjoying the food like any normal family does. It’s nothing like what you see on television; it’s just real.

Parlé: What were your feelings when you found out the Chappelle Show was no more?
Murphy: Man it was devastating for me like it was for everyone else. I felt like we did this and boom it’s over.

Parlé: What inspired you to create I Will Not Apologize?
Murphy: I’ve been blessed with the talent to do standup comedy, so if I’m going to it then I need to be considered one of the best. You have to do document it with a DVD so next time I will be better.

Parlé: What topics are discussed in your DVD?
Murphy: My own observation on comedy, movie critics, my take on politics, celebrities, and even myself. But it’s told the Charlie Murphy way, with my personality. I’m not a gimmick nor do I tell stories; I’ve done it all for 8 years and I enjoy my success. I felt it was worth being documented.

Parlé: You have a tendency to make jokes about celebrities, do they ever get mad at you or you send them flowers?
Murphy: (Laughs) I’m not politically correct. I laugh at myself so I wouldn’t send anyone flowers.

Parlé: Who inspired you 20 years ago and now?
Murphy: I had a predisposition, I wanted to be good at what I’m doing. I’ve always expected the highest of whatever it was I was going to do with my life. If this is what I’m doing then I’m going to do it to the best of my ability always.

Parlé: Because standup is such a competitive industry, did you make a backup plan?
Murphy: There is no backup plan. I exit the stage. You have to totally commit to this. You have to have expectations for yourself and command respect from the audience. I give so I get. I give it up front, so I start off with respect. I got ya. I do what I do. I don’t pull my pants down, I just tell jokes my way and it’s been working for me.

Parlé: Besides promoting your DVD, do you have any other projects in the works?
Murphy: I still work on the cartoon The Boondocks. I play the character named Ed the 3rd. He’s a war campaign veteran that suffers from posttraumatic stress. I am also staring in the film The Family Wedding, which premieres March 12th. It stars Regina King, James Marsden, Zoë Saldana and a lot of other great actors.

Parlé: Standup comedy is a tough job to stay on top, in a competing industry what do you recommend others do that are trying to make it?
Murphy: Remember everyone doesn’t get to the top. Don’t trip on it. Say I want to do the best. I show up to my job where people know how much I love it. I’m not bringing my personal opinion. I am humility. The worst you want to do is good.

Parlé: If you could do a standup tour with anyone who would it be?
Murphy: Nobody. If I name a person then it’s saying I want to open for you. I respect the guys but logically if I came out first and then another guy then that would make me an opener and a crowd warmer and I’m neither.

Parlé: You’ve been in the business over 20 years, how has comedy changed over time?
Murphy: It’s easier because it’s more female comedians than ever. A lot of women are saying I’m gonna do it and they are actually doing it. You have to be a warrior. Comedy is an unforgiving landscape. If you’re not ready to face the group by yourself then you’re not ready.

Parlé: Describe “I Will Not Apologize” in 3 words
Murphy: 1.Raw 2. And 3. Uncut

Parlé: Are there any rivalries between the Murphys, Wayans and Rocks?
Murphy: That may be a fantasy for people, but there’s no contest between us. It’s all show business, not a game. I respect the Wayans and the Rocks, they’re both super talented. Big ups to them.

Parlé: How can fans stay in contact with you?
Murphy: I have a Twitter, Facebook and MySpace just search Charlie Murphy

Parlé: Any last words to your fans?
Murphy: Peace and hair grease, keep it slippery baby.


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