Jason Derülo album review – Thoughts On The Debut Album

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Jason Derülo‘s self titled debut is made up of catchy choruses and hooks. The lead single, “What’cha Say”, also the album’s opener, captures the R&B/pop sound that many artists are going for today. It has a futuristic vibe to it sampling Imogen Heap, while allowing Derülo to show off his vocal ability. The album continues within the same vein, but Derülo’s album becomes a more worthwhile listening experience following the opener.

The production on the album provided by J.R. Rotem, who also created many hits for Rihanna, Plies and Sean Kingston, adds a different dimension. Each of the ten songs complement each other despite the similarities they show. On “Ridin Solo,” Derülo describes his love for singing and how he got to where he is now, while “The Sky Is The Limit” is fit for the club and has techno and house elements running rampant throughout.

The album’s standout is “Encore,” where it feels as if Derülo is finally able to show off his vocal range on the hook “open the curtains/let me inside for more/you can save the bell cause I want you now/baby hit me with an encore,” despite the edgy and inventive technique Rotem provides. “Strobelight,” finds its way as the debut’s closer, but feels as if it should have discoed its way at the beginning.

A Miami native, Derülo started performing at the age of five and managed to evolve into writing songs for Danity Kane, Cassie and Diddy’s protégé, Donnie Klang. The debut is a lively example of what happens when pop and R & B marry.

Jason Derülo receives a PAR

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Jason Derülo – Encore


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