Ollusion Omarion album review

, R&B singer, Omarions third release is a decisive mix of upbeat club bangers and tailored chill ballads that complement the former B2K vocalist’s modern sound. “I Get It In,” which begins the collection is an example of what an album’s first single should be: lively and memorable. Produced by singer, Tank, and featuring Gucci Mane, the cut swiftly reminds fans of Omarion’s interesting singing style.

“Hoodie,” is quite possibly Ollusion’s most boastful track. Delivered with much swagger, Omarion exclaims in the hook “n***a, I’m a vet, give it up,” over 253 production.

The album’s first slow jam is “What Do You Say,” where Omarion sings around drums and laid back keyboards. Telling his lover what he can do for her, the lyricism and production allow Omarion’s vocals to sink into the groove nicely. Omarion also shines on “Wet,” which should play well for after hour’s radio with its bedroom smoothness.

Ollusion’s closer, “Code Red,” falls back in line with the flow of “Hoodie” and “I Get It In.” The powerful production brings Omarion’s talking to the forefront. The shortest of Ollusion’s songs, “Code Red,” makes for a cool closing to the album.

The twenty-five year old has not released an album since he released O in 2006 so Ollusion comes off as a more developed project than that of previous efforts. Each of the songs does invite a sense that Omarion is trying to be a cut above the rest, but they contrive a safe appeal, making it less noteworthy than 21 or O.

Ollusion receives a PAR
Rating system
P …Horrible
PA …Tolerable
PAR …Good
PARL …Excellent
PARLÉ …Classic

Ollusion‘s Top Pick
Omarion – Wet


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