Land of Make Believe… Kidz in the Hall album review




Kidz in the Hall’s Land of Make Believe, is an album submerged in eclecticism. Overflowing with superb instrumentation, the listener is given an overwhelming experience into the group’s interesting style.

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The opener “Traffic” is a fresh offering into vanity with the chorus “don’t get like mike n*gga, just get like me.” “Flickin,” is a hare-brained ride into autotune and futuristic zaniness. The cut is one of Make Believe‘s most memorable works of art. The album’s first single, “Jukebox,” crisply flows into the mix with a head nodding party melody that is an expression both of the contemporary sound of rhythmic radio items and a revisit to 80’s Hip-Hop with the hook “you can start shaking and moving all around.”


On “Take Over The World,” Kidz in the Hall enlist Just Blaze to originate one of Make Believe’s less ecclectic songs, despite Colin Monroe’s vocals coasting over the drum loops and percussion. Poet and rapper, Amanda Diva, join the duo on “Simple Life,” an alternative piece on the small things in life. Land of Make Believe‘s masterpiece is “Will I Win,” featuring Marsha Ambrosius from Floetry. The lounge mood on the cut is refreshingly eminent as it bears down on the speakers and the ears.

Land of Make Believe does not boast many music samples as the two previous efforts, School Was My Hustle and The In Crowd, but does provide a fascinating merger of imaginary beats and rhyming and is worth taking a journey into.

Land of Make Believe receives a PARL
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