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Many different types of people use the social network Twitter. Some people use it for fun or to speak with their friends and families. Others use it for business networking and marketing websites/blogs, book promotions, social events, politics and news casting. Twitter has also become a key for artist to connect with their fans. From the up and coming country singer recording their first project with a few hundred fans or the multi-platinum pop artist with millions of followers, twitter has put the once untouchable super entertainer well within reach.


For some artist Twitter is more than a way to promote their latest album, or let people know what city they’re performing in next, sharing twit pics of shows and such. But there are Hip-Hop artists using twitter to touch their fans in a meaningful way. There is more to daily inspiration than @RevRunWisdom.


Janelle Monaé (@JanelleMonae) is a phenomenal Hip-Hop artist, and a kind sage spirit. I’ve been following her since I’ve had a twitter account and she never ceases to amazing me with her words. Her insights on artistic responsibility, freedom of expression, and lyrical musings have gotten many a re-tweet from me. I can see that she actually believes in what she sings about.


One of American’s favorite people to follow on twitter it Solange Knowles (@SolangeKnowles). The woman simply speaks her mind whether it’s talking about the wonder in her 5 year old son or ranting about the unjustness in the music industry. She is the voice of young mothers every, and makes sense to people everywhere.


There are even those who @reply to anything and everything with their words of wisdom. ?uestlove of the Roots (@Questlove) is one of those people. If you are ever looking for a flat out interesting person to follow Questo is the one to go to. His social commentary ranges from everything from politics to sneakers. He really has something to say about everything, which in the world of twitter … Is a good thing. And, unlike a great deal of celebrities he actually directly replies to fans tweets. The brother is awesome.


Erykah Badu (@Fatbellybella) her bio line says it all “I will not pop 4u or break 4u or hate for u or even hate u” And she lives by that! Her timeline is nothing but pure, unapologetic, unadulterated thought. I have a feeling if you took a machine and hooked it too her brain her though waves would read identical to her twitter timeline.


This is a new era and a new age for sharing information, experiences, and stories. Now more than ever fans and artist get to share and see parts of them that they’ve never been able to before. Being able to get a glimpse inside the mind of your favorite entertainer is invaluable Twitter has put the public in PR… Tweet that.


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