Art of Horology, Hosted by Malik Yoba and honoring Elinor R. Tatum

On June 16th, Parlé attended the fundraiser for the “Art of Horology” hosted by Malik Yoba (New York Undercover, Why Did I Get Married?) at the De Castellane Gallery in Brooklyn. The event also honored Publisher and Editor in Chief of The Amsterdam News, Elinor R. Tatum.

The “Art of Horology” is designed to teach local residents the skills needed to manufacture watches. This unique program was created by local watchmaker Steven Richardson of Nkiru America Watches. Nkiru America Watches may be one of the only African American owned watch companies in America, which is one of the reasons he is passionate about creating more jobs within this field for his community. Steven stated, “Our goal is to create one thousand jobs within five years.”

The event featured a live band and offered free drinks. Malik took a moment to shower the audience with a surprisingly beautiful self written song. He stated ” This is my Mother’s Day song.” On visual displays there were several watches created by Nkiru America Watches and art by African American artist Pat Goodman. She was on hand to give Parlé a detailed insight on some of her art pieces. We also had an opportunity to speak with Kevin Powell who is running for this year Congress.

Before the night ended Parlé spoke briefly with Malik Yoba about how long he has been associated with Steven Richardson of Nkiru America Watches. Its been about five years that I’ve been helping him out, doing whatever I can to get the word out. Not just for the watches but also the educational pieces that he does around the watches.”

Below is a video interview interview with Malik Yoba discussing the event and his feelings about his role in Why DId I Get Married Too?


Malik Yoba also had an impromptu performance, singing and playing the guitar.  Check it out below:

Images by Donald Lee for Parlé Magazine


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