A.D.’s Soapbox – The Rap Game 101


After a long hiatus, I am back! Sorry for the delay, I had to take time off to do a bit of soul searching. I’ve had a lot time out to contemplate on potential career choices, one of which I’m thinkin of exploring would be that of being a rapper. Now, I know what you may be thinking ‘Not another one’ but I’ve examined the rap game pretty much my whole life and although I’m not claiming to be the next big thing like Jay-Z, I do hope to incite crowds with my lyrical skills, tour the world, and have a good little fan base going.

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We can argue all day whether or not Lil’ Wayne is the best rapper alive. As an artist I am conflicted as to what path I should pursue, should I drop dope metaphorical rhymes like Joe Budden, Mos Def and Nas or I could also chase the fad and become the next Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, or what have you (there’s way too many of these types of rappers to name individually). Maybe I should get on my Drake and rely on pretty boy swag. I would prefer to drop rhymes and lines that stimulate the intellect like Immortal Technique but I know that being lyrical doesn’t always sell right away or its extremely underrated in today’s times. A great majority would rather dance to the most grotesque songs in the club than acquire the lyrical knowledge I’m trying to send them.


Here’s the problem, I’m dope with the pen and pad but I can’t begin to imagine what I sound like trying to rap, I do write rhymes in my spare time but it’s more for fun than anything else. Other than that, I might have to come up a gimmick to draw a crowd at first (even no gimmick is a gimmick!) I’m on my Asher Roth right now (just partying and b.sing not about being a middle class white boy) I also want my fans to gain a positive insight and learn something from my music not just about money, cars, clothes and hoes. I wanna bring back Reasonable Doubt Jay-Z or better yet Eminem before deal. Whatever happened to De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest type Hip-Hop? Did it die out? If it did, I would like to bring that back. Everything’s retro nowadays anyway just look at the fashion choices some of us are into even the movies are remakes of older ones.


I applaud anyone who’s bringing something new to rap especially those like Lupe who cross fuse other genres in their music so you can get the best of both worlds. Maybe I’ll just stick to writing and I become a ghostwriter for someone. Whatever the choice may be, when those curtains close on my show I must remember in the words of Joe Budden, “Not every encore is a good one.” I’ll admit to stay true to my roots as an artist and my fans for whatever I do.


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