Music Publishing – An Unsigned Artists Needs It


Many up-and-coming rappers, singers and songwriters need to know the importance of having their creative lyrics and works published. In a world where one’s ideas are easily passed as another’s, making sure to publish your hard work is a necessity. Hopping in the booth and laying down unique lyrics is only the beginning and unfortunately many aspiring artists fail to realize the business side of the music industry. Music is a big business and expands across many genres.  Music Publishing is vital.

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The major publishing companies are the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI). Becoming familiar with these companies is crucial to becoming successful and distributing music of any kind. As stated on the ASCAP website, “A music creator is like a small business, and ASCAP exists to ensure that music creators are paid promptly when their works are performed publicly.”


Protecting your work is the key to gaining the wealth that is shown through the artist on television and those who work behind the scenes. Musicians need to get hip to the business. Royalties, licensing, performing rights and copyrights are just a few terms that have to be in the vocabulary of all lyricists, songwriters and composers. The importance of publishing is a vital key to success. Nowadays the lifestyles of musicians inspire others. Writing a song to an instrumental and recording it seems to be the only tools that those who aspire know. Selling your music without protecting it is leaving it as fair game to those who will use it as their own. There is always the shady side to any industry that involves billions of dollars.


An artist has to be willing to invest in their future in order to be the success story they want to become. ASCAP charges a processing fee of $35 for each application and has different applications for the writer and the publisher. BMI has the artist signing a mandatory two-year contract and offers a free application for songwriters. It’s pretty easy to join any of these two performing rights organizations but you can only have one contract with a company at a time.


Learning your craft is the key to becoming successful. You can’t be ignorant to business happening around you (the artist). If that doesn’t catch your eye then the statement “there’s more money in publishing” should grab your attention.


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