Jeremih All About You album review

All About You, Jeremih’s sophomore work is a credible effort that is a getaway from the normal clichéd music that has graced radio these days. Jeremih holds his own on the eleven expressions.

The title song is a good starter complete with lines about chocolate, strawberries and what he has planned for his girl. Jeremih is definitely at ease in the escapes of luxurious sounding percussive beats and stellar production. “Down On Me,” the second piece sent to radio is listenable, but does not keep interest for its uninteresting vibe. The bottle popping melody of “I Like,” is a repeat of “Birthday Sex,” in its appeal notwithstanding Ludacris’ verse and despite this becomes one of All About You‘s winners and “Waiter/The 5 Senses,” hits the bedroom banger checklist without becoming overdone with its hook and chorus “I can be your waiter/I’ll do whatever you want to.”


All About You contains more ballads and tone downed pieces than that of the self-titled debut release. This is seen on the snap and pop “Broken Down,” a confessional with a story that has to be really listened to view its revelation and the spirited “Holding On,” a requiem of how far one can go by never giving up. “Love Don’t Change,” All About You’s swan song is by far its best. There is a completion of the album’s personality with sappy touches and honest vocalizations from the Def Jam Recordings twenty-three year old.


 All About You is certainly more enjoyable than its forerunner containing fewer skippers and less of a cookie cutter, mirror imaged sound that makes Jeremih a singer to watch going forward.


All About You receives a PAR

PARL…Kinda Great

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