Mattress Music… Marques Houston album review


Marques Houston’s Mattress Music is an eleven song project from the singer that shows his growth as a singer. The title track is more of an introduction to the album and is set around a vibe with minimal memorable lyricism. “Pullin on Her Hair,” sets the tone of the album more so than the title track with its upbeat auto-tuned sound that could be deemed as either a bedroom or club banger. Rick Ross collabs with Houston on the song, making it one of the best pieces offered on Mattress Music.

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“Kickin & Screamin,” “Mess” and “Noize,” all embody the same sensual themes as the tone of the album becomes more after hours than the previous songs. “Swag Sex,” the premier of the album comes off as filler. It offers an unpolished view of Houston’s vocals and Soulja Boy Tell’em’s style of spitting into the mic. As the album winds down, it begins to allow Houston to show off his evolution as a balladeer of music. The development of his falsetto is especially evident on “He Ain’t Me,” High Notes” and the finale, “Waterfall,” which is Mattress Music ‘s slowest.


This being Marques Houston’s fifth album, Mattress Music is noteworthy for those who like music that has meaning. To date, it has not received the recognition that it probably deserves. Mattress Music is superbly produced in its execution and tops the previous releases from the Music Works Entertainment singer and it definitely displays the reason why Marques Houston has been in the industry since the early 90s. 


Mattress Music receives a PARL






PARL…Kinda Great



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