Libra Scale Ne-yo album review

Libra Scale Ne-yo

Built on a theme of decisions between fame, love, money and power that befall a trio called The Gentleman, Ne-Yo’s Libra Scale is a winning conceptualization of singing and musical caliber. “Champagne Life,” emerges as the album’s opener and is a blend of Ne-Yo styling that is very memorable and embellishes the mood of the concept in every sense of the word.

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There are traces of Michael Jackson that moonwalk through “Telekinesis,” which is slickly produced with the right amount of percussion and vocal flourishes on the chorus “let me touch you/without touching you.” It is Libra Scale‘s pièce de résistance. Libra Scale’s third single, “One In A Million,” is currently impacting radio at the moment, and follows suit to Ne-Yo’s pop/R & B intermixtures that have presented themselves on his previous three undertakings. “Genuine Only,” is a guitar filled love midtempo number that feels like it could be played at the end of a movie.


“Beautiful Monster,” exhibits a Ne-Yo that has not been seen on prior efforts. It encompasses techno and dark imagery through the lyrics and at first listen does not grab you, but after many listens fits with Libra Scale‘s visionary balance. Libra Scale closes out with “What Have I Done,” an upbeat song about a relationship that has ended.


Ne-Yo said that the idea for Libra Scale emerged from his affinity for science fiction, comic books and Anime and the work of the late Michael Jackson. Libra Scale is perhaps the singer’s only eclectic assembling of vibes and composition. It spotlights why he is popular as an entertainer and shows his climb toward legendary prominence.


Libra Scale receives a PARLÉ


PARL…Kinda Great


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