Top 10 Rap Singles of 2010

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Be clear, this is not the list of the most popular Rap singles, nor is it done by how well the songs did on the chart.  This list is simply, my opinion on the hottest of the hot Rap records to hit the airwaves this year.  Here are the Top Rap Singles of 2010




Honorable Mention:

Asher Roth – “G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready Its a New Day)


Asher came this close to having one of the top 10 songs of the year for the second year in a row.  he definitely did his thing with this and if continues to put it he can have a great push for the sophomore album.  


Cali Swag District – “Teach Me How To Dougie”



Eminem ft. Lil Wayne – “No Love”



Ludacris – “How Low”



DJ Khaled ft. T-Pain, Ludacris, Rick Ross, & Snoop Dogg



10.   B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars – “Nothing On You”

You have to include this song on this Top 10.  Its going to get him a Grammy soon.  


9.    Diddy: Dirty Money – “Hello Good Morning”

This record was so big people were making it their facebook status for a month straight.


8.    Jay Electronica – Exhibit C

The track that really put him on and got him a deal with Roc Nation.  


7.    Kanye West ft. Dwele – “Power”

How can one man have all this power?  Comeback was a success.


6.    Eminem – “Not Afraid”

Relapse was a horrible album.  The fact that he came with this track AND acknowledged the album’s wackness makes him good by me.  There could have easily been an Eminem/Wayne or even Eminem/Rihanna collab on this list, but “Not Afraid” was his best track this year.


5.    Drake – “Over”

I didn’t like this song until I got the album.  One of the best tracks off the album and you gotta give him credit for that type of flow on that beat.  

4.    Rick Ross ft. Chrisette Michele & Drake – “Aston Martin Music” (Extended Version)

The album version of this song was good, but its Drake’s verse on the extended version that gets Ross on this list.  He can thank Chrisette as well!

3.    Fat Joe ft. Trey Songz – “If It Ain’t About Money”

Might be the surprise of this list.  I believe this was the summer anthem of the year.  Might have gone under the radar with the Rick Ross and Waka Flacka records dominating radio, but this was the better song… that’s why those other tracks aren’t on this list.


2.    Chris Brown ft. Various Artists – “Deuces” & “Deuces Remix”

Chris Brown & Tyga Ft. Kevin McCall- Deuces


Chris Brown ft. Drake. T.I., Kanye West, André 3000, Fabolous & Rick Ross – “Deuces Remix”

It started off as something small off the mixtape, but Chris new he had something big with this record.  Even without the crazy remix it would have ended up on this list.  

1.    Lloyd Banks ft. Juelz Santana – “Beamer, Benz or Bentley”

Undoubtedly the biggest Hip-Hop record of the year.  Unexpected collab. Didn’t know Banks was making a comeback.  But it worked!




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