Parlé in a Manns’ World

Let me introduce to you Def Jam artist Mann. The charismatically AUTHENTIC L.A. native has begun to leave his mark on the Hip-Hop scene and culture with polished material, capturing the attention and garnering great advice and a good rapport with some of Rap’s heavy-hitters. His catalog of music has been greatly contributed to by the likes of T-Pain, 50 Cent, and Jason Derulo amongst others, however getting to know him you are confronted with one of the most humble and down to earth person ever.  I recently sat down with Mann to get into his mind, comfortably known as Mann’s World, as his upcoming LP denotes.
The ever-progressively thinking artist, who is transitioning from youthful-phenom to defined artist is leaning more on substance than past success.  As if being from L.A. was not hard enough, with all the stereotypes and expectations that come with Grade A stamps, there is a seemingly profound sense of self worth, that he is focused on sharing with the public. If ever you longed for a tutorial in authenticity, and wished for the days when artists shared themselves in their music, it has arrived.
Swag aside, the fun will be pure, and non-exclusive. Everyone is welcome on this ride. Parlé with me as I present to you, Def Jam’s own Mann.
Parlé:  Being from L.A. how do you compare to what people expect from West Coast artists?
Mann:  I genuinely feel like my music still possesses the same swag and attitude that the public is used to when it comes to West Coast Music and rappers, going all the way back to the legends. At the same time, I feel like there is a difference. Gangsta Rap has dominated the West, and for the most part it was about being hard, and repping your city. But with my music and whats going on today, I feel like I represent a culture where its more about who you are as an artist, not being limited to a certain style or genre.
Parlé:  What does it mean to be an artist signed to the legendary Def Jam recordings?
Mann:  For me its BIG. Its amazing; I mean Def Jam is a legendary label which I have always respected.  Since a youth, I have always associated Def Jam with the Hip-Hop culture.  So for me its a great feeling to be on a label with so much history and so many vets. I feel like I have a lot to do, and to obtain to carry my own weight. My goal is to be a great artist, and I am definitely working for it.
Parlé:  What was the experience like working with Snoop and 50 Cent, whom both are iconic figures in music?
Mann:  Man those were great experiences that really taught me a lot and helped me grow as an artist. In both cases I always got good advice, you know. 50 Cent embedded in me to make great music you know, and Snoop reminds me to be sure that I stay connected with the West Coast movement; not making it so much about myself as an artist, but about the West as a whole. With that I am making a real effort to connect with my peers, and we’re all putting work in out here in L.A. and the Bay area.  For me at the end of the day its all about authenticity, and keeping it real with where you are from is the most authentic thing you can do.
Parlé:  What does the term authenticity as an artist mean to you, and how are you going about maintaining it?
Mann:  Authenticity is important to me. And with the next project that we are dropping, titled Freshman on Varsity, I think people will definitely get a chance to understand me. We are also planning a big show to coincide with the release, giving the people a chance to connect with me and vice versa. I’ve been in the game for a minute now, and I have experienced everything that an artist goes through, all the label demands, etc. I was a good listener, and learner, and at this point I feel like truly winning is going to be a product of me just being me.  My thing is to go hard with who I am as a person, as an artist, and being authentic is what that is all about.
Parlé:  So aside from Music I understand you have some acting experience, tell us a little more about that:
Mann:  Yes, acting was my FIRST LOVE. It is where I found out that I like to be in front of people, an audience. By nature at times I can be shy;  well not really shy, but kind of laid back and to myself. BUT on stage I throw that reserved approach to the side and I am totally different; it is a different zone for me. I have always loved acting, and it has helped me as I have gotten older to define myself and the showman in me.  In essence, the growth and experiences in my life have helped me take that love for entertainment, and transition into a storyteller through my rhymes. So without a doubt, acting is the foundation.
Parlé:  Who is one artist, that we havent mentioned that has been very influential in your career?
Mann:  I tell people all the time that it would have to be Ma$e, for a number of reasons. And when I say Ma$e, I mean “Feels So Good” record Ma$e.  I always saw Ma$e having fun and being himself. He was loved by both men and women musically because he said things that men could relate to, and women loved hearing. Harlem World was one of the first albums I bought to be real with you. The influence on my music shows in my plight to not be categorized or stuck in a box. I dont want my music to discriminate or be labeled as 1 genre. I want the visuals and the lyrics to be fun, all the while letting the fans know who I am, and get a piece of me.  Since 18, 19 years old I have been putting out records and as I get older  my ambition is respect for my artistry, and the ability to make great music. 
Whether I make radio records, or what the hood wants its all the same. I am from the hood so that comes naturally, but my creativity is limitless.  I make music for everyone, and the vibe of the music is acceptance overall.
Parlé:  You mentioned the next mixtape, Freshman on Varsity, anything else we should look out for before the album drops?
Mann:  Definitely, we just shot the video for “Gold Herringbone,” which is my new single. That was produced by Alex Arizari who is a dope director.  Also be on the lookout for “Get it Girl” featuring T-Pain.
And make sure to go and get that Freshman on Varsity April 20th plus for more on me and my music visit,
Check out Mann’s videos:

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Check out Mann’s videos:
“Gold Herringbone” –
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