[INTERVIEW] Genetically Gifted… Meet Devin Hailey

Rapper Devin Hailey

With so much expectation, up and coming Hip-Hop artist, Devin Hailey has found a way to carve his own niche, on his grind to mainstream acceptance and recognition. His family ties are blue blood-like, however this creative young man has not made a habit out of resting on that alone. His grind is to be respected, and his lyrics, well they just might be play-back worthy. Parlé with me, and check it out for yourself; get to know the artist behind the music, as I present to you ‘Mr Stadium Status” himself, Devin Hailey:

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Parlé Magazine: Tell us a little bit about your background in music, and family wise, for those who dont know?
Devin Hailey: My dad is K-Ci from the multi platinum selling R & B group, Jodeci. I come from upstate New York, small family. I started rapping at the age of 7 and saw my cousin doing it but he was terrible. I wanted to be like him and my dad so I started rapping but I wasn’t good at first. Then I moved out to PA, and I really had nothing better to do so that became an opportunity for me to work at it and develop my skills.

Parlé:  Have you found it difficult to break in the industry and be your own person so far? I’m sure there are a lot of expectations due to your family’s success?
Devin Hailey: I definitely feel like I have to live up to the hype and people look at me like I am supposed to be what my dad was. The way the industry is now, there are a lot of expectations; A lot of times there are pressures to carry a certain image. It might be hard to break in the business but its never hard for me to be my own person, and I think that with the team I have supporting me right now, it makes it even easier. Of course there are some allowances and advantage to carrying my fathers name.

Parlé:  Besides the obvious, Who are some of your influences musically?
Devin Hailey: I definitely look up to artists that paved their own way and originality plays a big part in who I look up too. So I would say Kanye West, Mos Def, Michael Jackson of course, and the L.O.X believe it or not, they are one of my biggest influences. I respect the fact that they never let anybody tell them what they can and can’t say, or change them as a group and as creative individuals. In addition to that I have to mention artists like Curtis Mayfield based off his originality and raw talent; Lastly, Jay-Z because of his longevity. I feel all those artists don’t just fit in to one category or genre, and I try to emulate their work ethic.

Parlé:  As an up and coming artist, do you think that the internet has been a great help?
Devin Hailey: The internet is the new black market. Its easier to sell a product online than it is hand to hand, because in person you have to sell yourself as well as the product. Where on the internet all you have to sell is the image. If you show the consumer one thing that attracts their eye than it’ll be that much easier to sell your product. I definitely feel that there are pros and cons. The biggest disadvantage that it has created is that it has made the game less personable. With everything being done digitally, there’s less of the tangible marketing approach that ran the industry priot to. However, I do feel that good music will always dominate, and if you put your product in the right hands, and market it the right way good things will come.

Parlé:  What’s your biggest accomplishment thus far in music?
Devin Hailey:  I feel like everything I’ve been through is an accomplishment because I’ve started and hustled from the ground up. The work that me and my team have put in is inspiring, and it keeps me focused.  I appreciate the support, and our goals is to keep achieving and take nothing for granted.  We are not looking for handouts, and just knowing that, its a huge accomplishment in itself for me.

Parlé:  What projects are your currently working on?
Devin Hailey: I currently have a single in rotation titled,  “Black Moses.” Also I’m working on my LP also titled Black Moses.  Right now we are looking at a Fall release.  Before that, we are prepping the release of my mixtape,  Home Invasion for late spring.

Parlé:  Where can the fans and the general public hear your music, and connect with you?Devin Hailey: They can find me on twitter @MistaHailey and on Facebook and search Devin Hailey. They can also find my Stadium Status mix tape on datpiff.com and you can find my management company on Facebook under H.O.M.Ent (Hands On Music Entertainment) and youtube me at youtube.com/mistahailey


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