Tips To Help You Increase Your Attraction Level


What is it? Well it’s that first moment when your significant other looks at you from across the bar.  It’s that stare, that straight confidence that’s gleaming through your eyes.  Try it one time, stare someone down and wait until it they look away.  It shows that you aren’t afraid to look and your confidence just shines your persona.  In today’s society singles 20-30 don’t meet the traditional way.  Let’s face it, these days all the magic is happening  at bars, clubs, shows and usually from the hours of 9 pm to whenever the bar closes.

Here are a few tips on increasing your attraction level.


1.  Look Fresh.
Don’t copy someone else’s style create your own. Take a minute and think of what you feel the most confident in.

2.  Smile & Be Polite.
Nothing is more attractive than a smile. Politeness is actually one of the major things that men and women look for when finding a long term partner if that is what you are going for.

3.  Don’t Get Smashing Pumpkin’d
No one will enjoy your company if you are “white girl wasted.”

4.  Enjoy Yourself and Have a Great Time.
If someone sees you having a great time, they will want to have a great time with you.

5.  Ask Open Ended Questions

What do you find nice in a person?

·What kind of sports do you enjoy?

·What’s your typical day like?

·What your favorite childhood memory?

6.  Kino Escalate (the physical escalation of kinesthetics (kino) with a woman, from the initial touch to sex)

Don’t be afraid to use your body as your best arsenal.

Put your hand on a lower back to emphasize a point.

Pull some cheeks if you think they have said something funny.

Hold a hand through a busy bar.

7.  Make it feel like you and your significant other are the only 2 people in the world.
Nothing yells I want to go home with you like isolation. Create a barrier between yourself, your teammate and everyone else. Calvin Harris said it best, ‘like a force field’.

Written by Prat Dalvi


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