Are You An Endless Dreamer?

Most times when you think of people who give back to the community as I do, you think of someone who went through a struggle. My story is rather different. Growing up I had a pretty good life, being raised by a single mother, and being an only child I had anything anyone could ever ask for. However those around me did not. I always felt that the people around me should have had the same opportunities as I did. It took me a long time to understand everyone did not have a strong support system in his or her homes.

Because of this, I always knew I wanted to start a nonprofit organization based on goal setting. While facing personal issues of graduating from college a semester late, working, and maintaining a personal life; trying to start a business was very difficult but I was determined to do so. After graduating college with a Bachelors in Business Management in 2011 I was finally able to put my all into Endless Dreams Foundation, Inc. Up until October of 2012 this nonprofit was run solely by me. There were many struggles, and long nights but somehow I managed to get featured in 15 publications, feed hundreds of people, provide school supplies to nearly 1,000 students, expand to two states (North Carolina and Maryland), and reach the lives of high school students who were uncertain about pursuing college; all within a years time.

Endless Dreams Foundation (EDF) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. Our vision is to become the number one go to source for goal completion. Our goal is to promote Dedication, Determination, and Discipline to build a stronger community.

Using our innovative curriculum we strive to push students to have endless dreams while pursuing their goals in academics and/or entrepreneurship. We also have a program geared toward building the self-esteem of young women. More often than not young women are put down in their own households leaving it hard for them to believe that the smallest things are possible. Not only do we assist students with academics, entrepreneurship, self-esteem, mentoring and tutoring; we build lifetime relationships within the community. We give back to the community throughout the year by providing school supplies, clothing, food, and small baby items.

Endless Dreams Foundation, Inc. is broken into three programs, Community Dreams™, Academic Dreams™, Entrepreneur Dreams™, and DreamHER™. All of our programs with the exception of Community Dreams™ come with a mentor. We are currently preparing to expand our mentoring by offering virtual mentors to students who wish to participate but do not reside in our area.

Community Dreams™ is a program geared to assist families in need. We offer assistance with food, clothing, school supplies, and small baby items.

Academic Dreams™ is a program based on all things academic. We strive to decrease the dropout rates, improve students grades, push high school students to pursue higher education, etc. Each year we offer a scholarship to one high school students who has been accepted into an accredited four year college/university.

Entrepreneur Dreams™ is a program geared to aspiring Entrepreneurs. We offer boot camps, webinars, seminars, events, and much more. Each event will assist individuals with the business start-up process.

DreamHER™ is a program geared toward young women between the ages of 13-22 (high school to college). This program promotes young women empowerment. We conduct events, seminars, conference calls, etc. in order build a stronger community of women.

When speaking with youth I am always sure to let them know, no matter how hard it may seem to pursue your dreams you should never give up; anything worth having it worth fighting for. No matter what type of background you grew up in it is possible to push forward and make something of yourself.

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