What Happened To Hip-Hop?


Dead End of HipHop
What ever happened to the original Hip-Hop?
The music that reflected the times
Celebrating the good times
Surviving the bad
Now Hip-Hop is remixed
Reflecting Rims, Killing snitches
Coppin’ Gold chains and fuckin’ bitches
The world has gone flip flop without the original Hip-Hop
No lyrics to soothe the soul when Michael Brown got shot
Not to mention…
Trayvon Martin.
Renisha McBride.
Eric Garner.
Darren Hunt.
Rekia Boyd.
Will it ever end?
‘Don’t Push Me Cuz’ I’m Close To The Edge’
Hip-Hop has truly lost its head.
Spittin lyrics about material wealth
‘Versace! Versace! Versace! Versace! Versace!’
When in reality…
We dyin’! We dyin’! We dyin’! We dyin’! We dyin’!
So the question still stands…
What happened to Hip-Hop?
Hip-Hop would take ownership as the voice of the people.
Now it’s nothing but counter-productive behavior, attitudes, and character.
The conscience has been lost.
The elements from which it was created have been re-formulated.
From the marginalized lives of (first Colored, then Negro, then Black) African-Americans use as a form expression.
To a form self-repression.
Life is more than Jordans
Life is more than the money and drugs that impair our minds
“Superstars and their love for the gain”…

Final Thought:

I have to give credit where credit is due
Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def)
Talib Kweli.
Lupe Fiasco.
Just to name a few…
You’ve saved my life
But to the rest of the Hip-Hop Generation
Ask yourselves,
Am I contributing to the true essence of Hip-Hop?
“Is it conducive to the education of my people?”
“Will a pair of ‘Great & Powerful Jordans really help me feed my family?”
We need change.
“There’s a revolution going on here in America.
A change as swift as blackening skies when the rain comes…”
It’s time to rise up.
Now, more than ever.
It’s time to revisit the true essence of Hip –Hop…
And change the world.

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edited by Dina Reid of Reid2Right
Image Design by Shawnene Vance