Singer & Producer Marcella Precise Inspires Through Song

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The very first time I heard Marcella Precise on a song was back some years ago. It was so long ago I can’t remember if it was on Myspace or not, but I do remember it was one of her Pre-Mixes. I believe the vocals of Mary J and Lil’ Wayne were on it as well. I was already familiar with their level of talent, but it was hearing Marcella’s flow for the first time that caught my attention. I listened to the song over and over again. I had never heard anyone’s style sound close to it. She was and is definitely authentic.
More recently, I was so excited to be able to interview her. It’s honestly something I have been wanting to do for a while and here we are. She’s a BMI Pop Award-winning/Grammy-nominated artist as well as a producer and a songwriter who is the ‘Lady’ of the production duo, Lady And A Tramp with partner Terence “Tramp Baby” Abney.

Lady and A Tramp have written and produced for many of today’s biggest names including Pink, Stacie Orrico, Jaheim, Keshia Chante, and the list go on. Marcella was also one of the voices of “Sasha” from The Bratz animated cartoon! She does it all. Continue reading below to get to know more about the super talented and driven, Marcella Precise.

Parlé Magazine:  Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this interview. Can you first start off by telling us when your passion for music began?
Marcella Precise: My passion for performing began when one of my grade school teachers put me up on a lunchroom table to perform. I taught myself how to dance when I was 12 and felt a surge of energy towards music. My passion for creative writing started when I was 8.  Also when I was in junior high school, a teacher put a poem I wrote on the main bulletin board and seriously expressed to me that I had a major gift at writing. That was interesting she was the first non-relative to take notice and take the time to encourage me specifically. Also a friend told me my name was called at an awards ceremony for a poetry contest in high school. I entered, but didn’t know I won, so I wasn’t even there. Two weeks later, they did a presentation for me at my home.  The writing was definitely on the wall with these early life events, (laughs).

 Parlé:   You’re a recording artist and one half of the songwriting/production duo, Lady And A Tramp with Terence “Tramp Baby” Abney. You two have accomplished a lot. Can you tell us how Lady and A Tramp came together and some artists you’ve worked with?
Marcella: Lady And A Tramp have worked with amazing new artists that are on the verge and we’ve also had the pleasure of working with some household names like R&B Diva, Syleena Johnson, Billboard Woman Of The Year, Pink, music & movie star, Queen Latifah, BET/106 & Park host, Keshia Chante, R&B Icon, Charlie Wilson, musical genius, Babyface and R&B sensation Jaheim to name a few.

Like other awesome duos before us, LA & Babyface, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Ashford & Simpson, Gamble & Huff, Drake & 40 Shebib, we look to make a mark in our time here and leave a legacy of great music that speaks to generations to come..

 Parlé:  I love your style. You can’t be compared to anyone, in my opinion. Did it take time to develop your own style or did that happen naturally? How would you describe your musical style?
Marcella:  Awwww 🙂 Thank you so much for listening. Honestly, I get to be me and I am thankful everyday – for a new day. I’m excited about my purpose and I don’t want to be anyone else.  My style is an expression of my life experiences and the artistic representation of what’s available to me from deep inside those experiences. What’s really nice is that people notice that I’m the same on my records as I am in person/conversation.

Parlé:  Who are your musical influences?
Marcella:  My music is influenced by so many things. I am mostly influenced by that energy a person enjoys when they offer their art/gift. My life (as with everyone else’s) is essentially a series of playlists. There are certain songs I like to drive to, songs I like to cook to, some I like to dance to and songs that provoke conversations that we need to have. Today Jay Z, Barbara Streisand, Kanye West, Rakim, Babyface, Janet Jackson, Queen Latifah, and Beyonce are my direct musical influences.

Parlé:  Tell me about your new singles, “Champagne.”
Marcella: I wanted to make a fun song that was pure energy! And one things for sure, when champagne is in the room, you know the room is someplace special! I had so much fun writing it. Making music that connects to listeners is my goal, be it a crew of girls partying in Vegas, a high school teen in Japan, or a college grad in Switzerland when I achieve that… one person at a time, I am grateful beyond words.

Parlé:   And you also have the song,”Fly” featuring Juliette Ashby. What was your motivation behind writing that song?
Marcella:  The super talented songstress Juliette Ashby (I call her London’s favorite) is such a doll for joining me on “Fly.” When she came to the U.S. to write and heard the music I was working on, we immediately agreed that we should do a song together.  Do your soul a favor and get her tune “Over.”  “Fly” speaks to FEELing like anything is possible even after a life struggle or something beyond your control aiming to diminish your hope. A challenge can turn us into champions and we can FEEL that everything is possible going forward.  “I shine shine. I get my mine. Love my grind. Stars Align. We’re on that ‘get in it like a car and thrust’. Rear view mirrors ain’t for us!”

Marcella Precise2
Parlé:   You’ve already worked with many artists, but who’s an artist that you look forward to working with and why?
Marcella: I would love to write with and perform with Beyoncé. She is so amazing at expressing herself in business ventures as well as her craft. She an awesome singer that also understands that the freedom we possess, begins inside. Freedom in music creation, brand creation and in any other art form is a beautiful thing!
I would love to write and perform with Kanye West. Kanye has no boundaries to his expression, his desire to be heard is relentless and he’s a great MC. I would love to be in the room to see Kanye and Tramp produce together because they speak the same intense language when it comes to attention to detail in the production.

Parlé:   What artists are on your playlist now?
Marcella: Aaaayye! lol. Today’s playlist is super fun for me:

Jeremih “Don’t Tell ‘Em” featuring YG
Taylor Swift “Shake It Off’
Rich Gang “LifeStyle”
Ryan Lane “Hey Girl” (written/produced by Lady And A Tramp)
Marcella Precise “Champagne”
Marcella Precise PREmix “If” Janet Jackson
Scarface “Guess Who’s Back” featuring Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel
Slick Rick “The Moment I Feared”
Nick Jonas & Tinashe Remix “Jealous”
Disclosure “Latch” featuring Sam Smith
Nicki Minaj “High School”
Mary J. Blige “Mary’s Joint”

Parlé:   What’s next for Marcella Precise?
Marcella: I am excited to say more music will be released soon of new artists that we are working with and for my new album #TAFR. I am thankful to have a few new other ideas coming to life in 2015. I will also be creating visuals to both “Champagne” and “Fly.”

My Inner Beauty/Outer Wellness Blogazine “YAAY YOU” at, has received over 2 million views due to awesome people glancing monthly for e-encouragement and sharing ideas that keep them going. I plan to keep that concept growing and brought to you in other platforms. Let’s have some fun, have faith and go forward:) YAAY!

Parlé:   Is there anything you would like your fans to know?
Marcella:  I FEEL a joy attached to realizing my goals and while going along in my journey. I am grateful to believe in my own choices everyday. I hope everyone reading this gives their own dreams a chance as they believe in their goals, that they have already set. Even when it’s not easy, it’s still worth it. YOU are totally worth it!  As I tell fans when I get to meet them -> You GET to be you and YOU are awesome!  #YaaYYou Feel your own personal “goodness” early and go with that feeling.

As I get to share my music and maybe even have conversations with you, let’s grow that goodness in our exchange 🙂 Thank you for vibing to songs/albums I’ve co-written on that have been on the charts. Thank you U.S.A., Indonesia, Japan, London and Dubai for listening to my mixtapes (Passport Pre Vol 1, Passport Pre Vol 2, The PREmix Principle VPassport Pre ol 1 & The PREmix Principle Vol 2).

Thank you to everyone supporting my singles “Champagne” and “Fly” featuring Juliette Ashby.

Parlé:  Can you tell everyone how you can be reached? (Twitter, Instagram, etc)
Marcella:  Sure 🙂 Connect with me on:
Facebook : MarcellaPrecise
All Business Inquiries

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