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Erica Campbell Continues To Shine Her Light On Listeners

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Erica Campbell Opens Up For Our Exclusive Interview

If you’re a fan of the Gospel music duo Mary Mary, then you know one-half of the group, sister Erica Campbell stepped out on faith last year to launch her solo career. The move led to her highly successful debut album Help, which spawned the hits, “A Little More Jesus” and the title track, “Help” featuring Lecrae. The album yielded a Soul Train Award, A Dove Award, won the Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album and Erica was also nominated for 2 NAACP Image Awards as well as a stunning 10 Stellar Award nominations.

In the recent weeks Erica has returned to television with her sister to launch the fourth season of their WEtv hit reality show, Mary Mary and Erica has released her new single and subsequently the video for “More Love.” The song is the lead single off her new album, Help 2.0 available in stores and on iTunes now.

We had a chance to catch up with Erica as she prepared herself for the Stellar Awards in Las Vegas.

April Cover - Erica Campbell


Parlé Magazine: Congratulations on your Stellar Award nominations. What are you doing to prepare for the show?

Erica Campbell:
Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to take it one day at a time. I’ve been working with my vocal coach, my choreographer Laurieann Gibson, trying to coordinate my wardrobe fittings, red carpet appearance, hair and makeup, and transportation.

Parlé: Last season on Mary Mary, viewers saw you struggling to balance family, work, the launch of the solo career. Do you feel that the television show has helped or hindered your attempts to brand yourself as a solid solo artist.
Erica Campbell: I believe it has helped. It allows people to see the journey. It shows that I’m not superwoman. I have to pray, fast, rest and relax too. I’m finally getting to a point where I’m taking care of myself and doing the things I want to do. I’ve always been so busy taking care of everyone else because mothers are always last on the list.

Parlé: Since we’re on the topic of Mary Mary, what else can viewers expect to see on upcoming episodes? Can you give us any spoilers?
Erica Campbell: Oh, what can I say without giving it away? Changes and decisions, more commitment to family and a lot of mature decisions that aren’t easy. Viewers will see that I’m finally getting to be me.

Parlé: Being on a reality show brings a level of transparency, which often opens doors for judgment. How do you cope and remain positive when you hear rumors and speculation about things that just aren’t true?
Erica Campbell: I am blessed with the ability to not care. People don’t see my life when the cameras are off. I know who I am and I know I can’t get soaked up into people’s opinions. I don’t take it personal.

Parlé: Tell our readers about your album Help 2.0.
Erica Campbell: Help 2.0 is about me telling people that I love God. It’ll also help and encourage people. I can’t wait for people to hear it.

Parlé: We understand that your main focus is on building your brand as a solo artist, but fans want to know if Mary Mary will continue to perform, put out music and tour?
Erica Campbell: Absolutely, yes! We are not abandoning our fans. We know that our music has helped, moved and motivated people and we will continue to do so.

Erica Campbell3
Do you have any regrets about going solo?
Erica Campbell: No! The only thing I would have changed was how I gave information to Tina. A lot of people thought that Tina was upset and there was a lot of drama because of my decision. That was not the case. Tina needs to know all the details. That’s just the way she is and at the time I just didn’t have all the information to give her. Now that she’s working on her solo project, she see’s what I was talking about and going through.

Parlé: Where can fans see you perform?
Erica Campbell: In May, I’m on the East coast and in June I’m on the West coast. I’m also doing a concert for peace in May. Follow me at @ImEricaCampbell to stay abreast of my all appearances.

Help 2.0 is out now &amp. #marymary

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