Lisa Trindade – Vying For That Next Plateau of Musical Talent

Armed with unique style and a small army of songs, Northern California singer and songwriter Lisa Trindade is preparing to take her show on the road throughout the Golden State. Crafting songs wrought with emotion and personal reflection, Trindade is attracting plenty of media and radio attention around her home town of Merced, and stretching into the bustling San Francisco metro area. Her debut record was released on August 10, 2014 and a California tour followed.  This unique artist Lisa Trindade is climbing her way right to the top. 
Inspired by a variety of life experiences and internal turmoil, Trindade built up a library of songs for her first album, featuring the single “Too High.” Filled with honesty, fun and well thought out lyrics, the record was produced in a professional studio atmosphere, giving her songs a nicely polished edge which allows all of  them to truly shine. Coinciding with the release was a music video for “Coast 2 Coast live.” Lisa Trindade and platinum recording artist N.O.R.E embarked on a tour that kicked off traveling across the world,” as well as numerous performances around California at local clubs and bars up and down the sunny coastline.
Trindade’s obvious musical talent have also garnered attention from record label A&R representatives, as well as producers, agents, and booking companies. The budding songwriter has been invited to exciting events such as the Akademia Music Awards where she was the winner for Best Acapella song, Best Hip Hop/R&B Album and Best Pop Album.

Her media whirlwind continues with merchandise production, as well as sponsorships from local companies such as Limo For u and many more great sponsors.  The songwriter is also demonstrating a strong commitment to charity and her local community in the Small Farm town known as Merced, California.  Trindade will continue to be an activist in her desperately needed community helping in every way possible to assure her people in her community are cared about in areas that have been ignored for years. Trindade will be holding upcoming events that take place throughout the city, and will be lending her talents to help the causes such as Valley Children’s Hospital  and many other well known charity events. This artist has a heart as unique as her musical talent.

As her music continues to spread throughout digital media, including over 200 assorted radio stations across the internet, there’s plenty of burgeoning promotion for the aspiring Merced artist. With licensing opportunities in commercials and television, as well as growing social media attention all on the horizon, now is the time for Trindade to vault herself onto the next plateau of musical talent.

Download the single:
Lisa Trindade – “Too High”
Lisa Trindade - Too High

For more info on Lisa Trindade visit:
Twitter @TrindadeLisa

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