Her Name Is Sapphire Monet – Meet The Funk Rocker

Sapphire Monet

Meet Funk Rocker Sapphire Monet

Her name is Sapphire Monet. She’s a Funk Rock singer who comes straight out of Brooklyn, New York. An independent artist with talent that’s sure to leave many talking, she’s most definitely on the rise. Monet chose music at the age of 21. Singing at open mics, showcases and countless community events helped hone the skills of this already talented woman. She was determined to find her destiny and with her level of talent, I have a feeling there’s WAY more to come. Read our interview and get to know SAPPHIRE MONET.

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é Magazine: For those who don’t know who Sapphire Monet is, please let them know a little about who you are and your musical style.
Sapphire Monet: I Am Sapphire Monet Creator Of FUNKROCK The Genre! FUNKROCK Is An Infusion Of Funk & Rock & Roll! A Modern Day Sound From The Foundation Of Each Genre! I Would Describe My Style As Free, Unique, Original, And Fun!

é: I saw your video for the single, “Floating.” You seem to have a great deal of confidence. I love that as well as your ability to be yourself and not trying to follow what everyone else is doing. Did you always have that confidence?
Sapphire: Thank You & No I Didn’t! I Had To Gain This Confidence & It Took Me A While Even As A Little Girl I Was Bullied, I Was Overweight, & Had Bad Acne-I Was Picked On. It Was Brutal! So Doing A Different Sound In Music, & Starting A Genre Was 100x More Challenging, But I Had To Remember This Is What I Want; All I Ever Wanted & That’s To Share My Music With The World! I’ve Gained An Understanding That If You Don’t Believe In Yourself & Show That Through Confidence, YET Remanding Humble No Will Even Look At You—Let Alone Take 3 Minutes Out Of Their Time To Listen To Your Music! Appearance As Well, As Long As YOU Know You’re Beautiful No Matter What’s Visible Outside, Others Will View You The Same!

é: I would love for you to share with us your weight loss journey. How many pounds did you lose?
Sapphire: I Lost 125 Pounds!


Parlé: What made you want to lose weight?
Sapphire: Honestly One Hot Summer Day I Was Going To An Audition and Almost Passed Out Sucking In My Stomach (laughs). I Said This Can’t Be Healthy, Shoot I Feel Like I’m About Die I Knew I Had To Change My Life I Used To Audition For Acting Roles Often & I Was Always Told “You Can Stand To Lose” Or “Try To Lose About 20 Pounds & Come Back.” I Was Even Told, “I See You Love To Sing, You Can Be A Singer At That Size, But That’s About It.” With My Highest Being 250lb I Stood In The Mirror When I Got Home & Vowed To Live A Healthy Lifestyle So My Dreams Wouldn’t Be Measured By My Size! I Worked Out Every Single Day, I Changed My Diet Drastically, I Created A Regiment That I Was Comfortable With & I Stuck To That! I Wasn’t Healthy, I Wasn’t Fit, I Was In Danger & I Knew That If I Didn’t Change I Wouldn’t Live Long Enough To See My Dreams Come True! So I Did!

é: Can you tell me what inspires you to write?
Sapphire: Life Inspires Me & The Rollercoaster It Comes With (laughs). Meditating, Continuously Exploring Myself Keeping My Energy Pure, Which Also Helps Me Excel In Different Planes Of My Writing! The Things I Want To Accomplish Inspire Me! They Inspire Me To Work Smarter & Go Harder!

é: What inspires your happiness from day to day?
Sapphire: Peace Of Mind! My Family, & Life!!! I Appreciate It So Much! Being Alive Is A Blessing But Living Is A Miracle & I’m Inspired Everyday By The World!
For more information on the funk rocker, videos and new music, check out her site www.sapphiremonet.com

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