RECIPE: Saffron Fried Chicken and Satsuma Zest Green Beans

Well, the costumes are put away and the clearance sections of Halloween goodies are all cleaned out. That can only mean one thing.. bring on the Holidays. With Thanksgiving in sight it’s time to up the game on fowl. In this Saffron Fried Chicken and Satsuma Zest Green Beans recipe we’ll be taking the classic fried chicken and green beans and dressing it up a little. Here’s what you’ll need:

Saffron Fried Chicken and Satsuma Zest Green Beans ingredients

1 lb Fresh whole green bean
8 Chicken drumsticks
1 medium sized satsuma
2 tsp Saffron
2 tsp Onion Powder
3 tbs Salt
2tbs Black Course Pepper
2 Cups Flower
Olive Oil
Canola, for frying

Start by setting all 8 legs into a clean 10’’x12’’ baking dish that has been lightly greased down with olive oil. Using a fork, poke holes in the thickest parts of each leg. Let rest on counter, covered. Rotate each leg 180 degrees after a few minutes.

In a medium sized mixing bowl, mix all dry spice ingredients with the exception of the flour together thoroughly.

Remove film from chicken. Now pinching a small amount of the spice mix dust over the chicken, rotate and repeat. Gently rub in the spice and add the remaining mixture to your flour. Using a large and durable ziplock plastic bag pour your flour mixture in and using 2 or 3 legs at a time shake vigorously. Make sure to get an even, thick coating. Place on a clean dry plate.

Heat a large saucepan with canola oil about a third of the way up to 360 degrees. Carefully place legs into the pan and watch as they brown. Turning every so often for evenness, being careful they do not rest too long on the side of the pan or against each other. This will take 15-20 mins depending on size of leg. Transfer to paper toweled plate to drain excess oil and keep that crisp.

Keep beans long, don’t break them in half. Simply snap the ends and remove the string that runs down the middle. After washing, rinse the beans in cold water. Using a smaller pan with 2 tbs of olive oil lay out beans so that they are no more than 2 deep. Cover and keep on medium heat for about 5 mins. Cut the satsuma in half. Using a zester run over the outside of the satsuma 3 or 4 times directly into the green beans. Squeeze one half of the satsuma’s juice into the pan, stir and cover. Let sit on medium heat for 10-12 mins. Serve directly to plate and add salt to the top before presentation. Using the zester once again sprinkle citrus zest for flavor and color.

Makes 4 servings with 2 legs each.
Cook time about 45 mins to an hour.

Enjoy our Saffron Chicken recipe and share pictures of your complete meal with us @parlemag

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