The Problem with Ben Carson

So Many issues With Ben Carson

My great grandmother LOVED the news, especially if it was in the headlines. Every story that ever once was popular, she followed it. From O.J. Simpson’s case, to Monica Lewinsky’s dress, to R. Kelly peeing on a minor, she followed it. And sometimes, I was privileged to sit in with her as she watched, speculated, and convicted every main character in every story. Sometimes, even I, her favorite great grandchild, would slip and fall into an argument with her that usually involved some verdict at the time, that we were diametrically opposed to. And during these debates, my Nana would always win. Mainly because that’s the way it works in Black culture, but two, because her closing statement would be, “Oh Darnell, you so smart that you stupid.” And now that argument all makes perfect sense to me: Ben Carson is stupid, because he’s so smart.

Without a doubt, Ben Carson is still brilliant.

We all know that someone who can do brain surgery usually is brilliant. I mean, would you want Donald Trump removing a mass of anything from your cerebral cortex? I think not. So let’s give credit where credit is due. But there has to be something said about a person whose career and achievements have been based on the ability to think critically, but then refuses to do so at all times. This is Ben Carson in a nutshell.

People often say that politicians are stupid. And while I can’t wholeheartedly disagree, I always assume that they are choosing to be stupid. Like when Dr. Carson pretends not to know that there are too many guns in the world, and he pretends to believe that gay people will ruin societies. He likes to say that people who believe in God are above everyone, and act like religious terrorism is only a brown people thing. Politicians seemingly choose when they want to invoke the power of the stupid, and Ben Carson is no different. He uses his powers of stupid for the benefit of his campaign. He doesn’t refute scientific facts, for fear of looking oppositional. He understands the power of medicine but would rather people rely entirely on faith-based rhetoric. He has saved lives, but yet belittles the lives of victims who weren’t brave enough to try and overpower a terrorist. It’s this choosing to not relate to what could logically be related to that makes him and others who agree with that way of thinking, stupid.

Now I know from reading this you must realize that I am a rocket scientist, and therefore have the right to label people stupid. Well, you’d be half right, because I will continue to use my right to call bullshit on bullshit and stupid on stupidity. We have the right to hold those who want to lead, accountable for what they are leading us into. We absolutely can judge those who will at some point, be judging us. And if it turns out that a brain surgeon can be so brilliant that he becomes stupid, then we have the right to call him as we see him.

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