K. Michelle More Issues Than Vogue Tracklist and Cover Art

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Listen To Songs From the K. Michelle More Issues Than Vogue album + the full tracklist

The third album from K. Michelle More Issues Than Vogue hits stores on March 25th.  After two successful earlier releases, in two No. 1 albums: 2013’s Rebellious Soul and 2014’s sophomore set Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? K. Michelle has developed quite the rapport with listeners.  But for the new album More Issues Than Vogue the singer has been very upfront about wanting to step back from the urban music/authentic R&B sound she’s been known for.

In a recent interview with Billboard magazine the singer said, “I want to be able to sing what I want,” a similar tone to what many R&B artists have said in the past.  It rarely goes well.  “I’m just not going to be told that because I’m black, I have to do this anymore,” she continued.  So expect a little bit of everything on this project, including Pop records, a country song and who knows what else.

The lead single to the project, “Not A Little Bit” hasn’t had the same buzz as some of her past lead singles, but it is still a pretty authentic R&B song.  She didn’t reveal a video for the song, but the audio can be heard below.

K. Michelle’s second single, “Mindful” is written and produced by T-Pain and definitely has an upbeat Hip-Hop feel.  The track serves as the intro on the album, but it’s the lead single for the time being.  The official music video is below:

A third song, “Time” has also been revealed by the singer.  It is probably the closest thing to the K. Michelle listeners have been accustomed to hearing over the past few years.  On the track she’s leaving a man because and uses the factors of time as her justification.  Listen to the song below:

Bonus Audio:  “Ain’t You”

Overall, More Issues Than Vogue seems promising.  Check out the full tracklist.

K. Michelle More Issues Than Vogue tracklist:

  1.  Mindful
  2.  Got Em Like
    3.  Ain’t You
  3.  Not A Little Bit
  4.  If It Ain’t Love
  5.  Make The Bed feat. Jason Derulo
  6.  Nightstand
  7.  These Men
  8.  All I Got
  9. Time
  10. Rich
  11. Sleep Like a Baby

Best Buy’s version of the album has two exclusive bonus tracks

  1.  Memphis
  2.  Life I Chose

Listen to the entire K. Michelle More Issues Than Vogue album below

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