Trump The Game – Donald’s Politics Would Have America Rolling The Dice

Gambling on Donald Trump’s Politics is like playing Trump The Game

A few weeks ago, I was asked by my dad to go through some old board games that had been sitting in a box for a number of years. As I was going through them, I remembered that at one point in time I owned Trump The Game. I recalled it well.  Trump The Game,  the Hasbro invention, essentially allowed players to bid against each other for items like resorts and other luxury properties. The goal – to make the largest deal possible and reap that proverbial rewards. It got me thinking about the likelihood of a Donald Trump presidency and what that would look like. I mean, after all, Donald Trump is operating like players do in his board game – asking the American people to bid against their own self-interests for the good of making America great again. In perusing through his positions, it feels as though if elected, America would be anything but great.

First, Trump argues that he’d eliminate Obamacare. While that piece of legislation has raised a significant amount of uncertainty, the notion that America should return to what it was before is a bit nonsensical. Free market for healthcare? So you mean to tell me by applying the wisdom of Adam Smith, the problems that could emerge with my health and those of others would magically disappear. A kind of presto, chango, no more healtho? That’s doubtful, because by allowing people to have a choice to purchase healthcare, it forces a kind of inevitability of those who are healthy now to say, I’ll wait. I’m good. No need for that. So this in turn, drives up the costs of insurance because the companies have to overcompensate in order to effectively cover the costs of those who really need it. Also, I hate to say it, doctors aren’t looking out for the best interests of their patients. I mean there are some, but let’s face it – they have to put food on their tables and if that means prescribing medication that patients can’t pronounce and more than likely do not need, well they will undoubtedly choose to fatten their pockets with kickbacks.

Second, Trump believes that America can be perfected through what he refers to as comprehensive immigration reform. The round ’em up mentality bespeaks of a Hitler type view, and not to be a Negative Nathan, but all one has to do is open a window into the historical record and it will blow in the vestiges of that mindset in operation. I suppose there is reason to believe that after said deportations occur that America will indeed be something each and every American can be proud of, but if a President Trump gets rid of what this nation was essentially built on, what exactly does that leave it with?

Thirdly, the Trump rhetoric on the campaign trail is unfortunately just a taste of what kind of vitriolic, misogynistic, racist, bigotry that a President Trump will be serving up come January 2017. It might be something that some want, as the tone has only brought out the worst elements of the American population. Now, I’m not suggesting that a Clinton or Sanders Presidency would suddenly have everyone holding hands and singing Kumbaya, like many assumed would occur when President Obama was elected into office back in 2008; but the unpredictability of a Trump presidency is sending chills down the spines of many.

Trump The Game
The billionaire is essentially spewing out anything that he believes will stick, with the hope that the American people will buy it hook, line and sinker – and much to the chagrin of the elephant party, many are.  The entire campaign is very much like Trump The Game, where the players players feed the money into the properties and seemingly make the Donald rich again.

I never found the game by the way, after looking through those boxes. I asked my dad and he told me, it had been destroyed when the basement of our old house flooded one night. Luckily, I didn’t find it and hopefully, the nation doesn’t find itself coming to grips with a Trump Presidency next year.

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