The Mindless Behavior Comeback Is Here, With New Members

Long Awaited Mindless Behavior Comeback Features Two New Members

If you thought it was over for them, you thought wrong! After almost a three-year hiatus from the music scene, the long awaited Mindless Behavior comeback is happening. This time, the R&B/Pop boy band features two new members.
Making their entrance into the music industry in 2010, the band—which originally consisted of four members: Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton, blew up the charts with their hit single, “My Girl”.

The single did so well that, the following year, the band released five more singles, “Mrs. Right”, “Girls Talkin’ Bout”, “Hello”, and “Christmas With My Girl”—along with their debut album, #1 Girl.

From touring with Janet Jackson to the Backstreet Boys, Jason Derulo, and Justin Bieber, Mindless Behavior quickly became instant heartthrobs for many teenage girls around the world.

In 2012, the band embarked on their own 25-city tour, bringing rapper Lil Twist, Jacob Latimore, and upcoming singer, Kayla Brianna along with them. Sold out shows, screaming fans, flashing lights—the young men were living the dream,

Well, at least we thought they were. Months after releasing their second studio album and a movie, both titled, All Around The World, the band took an unexpected loss. In September of 2013, lead singer Prodigy resigned from the band. Following his decision to leave, there was many speculation surrounding the issue—some believed it to be a disagreement with management while Prodigy himself revealed that he wasn’t satisfied with the way things were going.

The news broke via Instagram, but, unfortunately, it disappointed thousands of fans—leaving the band in a limbo and losing a big percentage of their target audience.  It didn’t help that the members were growing into adulthood and their physical looks were changing as well.

Although it came as a shock to not only the fans but also the other members, it was definitely not the end of Mindless Behavior. After remaining a trio for about eight months, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal decided to keep it moving, welcoming in Detroit native, Elijah J—a former Kidz Bop singer.

The new member sparked a lot of controversy, which caused fans to be angered and distraught at the replacement. However, as time went on, the member—now known as EJ, actually became a fan favorite.

Though the once ‘most popular’ boy band wasn’t as commercially popular anymore, the four boys still tried to remain humble and hopeful.

Later in 2014, Prodigy returned for a short period but left again. Sadly, the band hit another road block. While working on their third album, a couple months prior to it’s release, it was also announced that Roc Royal was kicked out of the group due to other unforseen circumstances.

The dismissal left Princeton, Ray Ray, and EJ, as a trio.  Still they tried to make it work.  However in 2015, Ray Ray, too, made his departure—leaving Princeton as the only original member standing. He then went on to do solo projects, as did Roc Royal and Prodigy.

Left devastated, the changes put a halt on the third album and the release of any music previously recorded. However, the band sought Mississippian, Mike River. Since then, Princeton (20), EJ (17), Mike (18) have taken their career to new heights. Remaining driven and focused, the boys keep striving for success.

Although they have received loads of backlash, their grind never stopped either. Mindless Behavior, also known as MB, recently released two new singles from their upcoming album titled, “I Want Dat” and “Song Cry”. Both songs show a more mature side of the guys. The video to “I Want Dat” debuted online, bringing in thousands of viewers, new and old fans.  “I Want Dat” features Problem and Bad Lucc.

Watch the Mindless Behavior Comeback Video “I Want Dat” here:

Their album, #OfficialMBMusic, will be available for purchase on June 24th. This is the band’s first full musical body of work since 2013. They released snippets back in 2015, but now, we’re finally receiving a whole album.

Taking multiple losses and facing career changes, Mindless Behavior proves that nothing can steer you away from your dreams unless you let it.

Currently, Princeton, EJ, and Mike have been keeping their fans engaged through social media and doing appearances here and there. They are also gearing up for their summer tour.


For updates and more on the Mindless Behavior comeback, follow them on social media:

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Instagram: @OfficialMBMusic

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