Chrisette Michele’s Milestone album an Ode To Love Amidst Recent Engagement

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New Chrisette Michele Milestone album tracklist revealed, Music Inspired By Love & Engagement

R&B show stopper, entrepreneur and founder of her very own record label, Rich Hipster, Chrisette Michele drops her 5th studio album on Friday, June 10th. The Chrisette Michele Milestone album partners her with her original producer and business partner, Doug “Biggs” Ellison.  Biggs is now her fiancé and after years about the partners have returned to music and love to develop this incredible Milestone project.  

Chrisette Michele changes her usual pattern of smooth love songs to more of a “trap-soul” sound, with songs hinting at her Hip-Hop roots and how she has found love as well as herself. Earlier this year Chrisette released her Steady Gang mixtape, which featured an acapella version of the song “Hello” and also featured a couple tracks which appear on this album.

The official lead single to the project is “Unbreakable,” which she released a few weeks ago.  She released the official music video earlier this week, featuring a bright look and some flawless hair.

Watch The “Unbreakable” video here:

She has given us a taste of what to expect with her new song, the expected follow-up single, Equal” a collaboration with Rick Ross, squashing the beef they had over the 2010 Soul Train Awards.  Ross starts the song with an apology.  The collaboration was actually a surprise collaboration orchestrated by Biggs,

The Chrisette Michele Milestone album is looking like a huge transition for both Chrisette Michele and her fans, but definitely a memorable one.

At her recent release album listening session, Chrisette spoke of how her Milestone album came together after years of not talking to Doug Ellison.  In fact, the two were tied up in a legal battle over the first project for years and as a result their attorneys and business people advised them not to contact each other.  It wasn’t until that was resolved that the two were able to finally get past the years of hurt.  She detailed how it finally came together.

“We stopped everything that we were doing for a little bit.. I stopped everything I was doing, and when I say stopped I mean I sat down for about two weeks. And I had time to gather my mind and when I did I remembered, who I loved and who I missed. SO I wrote him this love letter  and he wrote me back and he said, ‘I never stopped loving you, I still do.’

Long story short we got back together that same week and seven days later we were engaged. So that is what Milestone is about, it’s about ten years of being in the music industry, it’s about refinding the love that I had found.  It was about all the heartbreak that I experienced, the ups and downs.”

Chrisette Michele Milestones Tracklist

  1.  Diamond Letter
  2.  Steady
  3.  Meant To Be ft. Meet Sims
  4.  Soulmate
  5.  Unbreakable
  6.  To The Moon
  7.  Make Me Fall
  8.  Equal ft. Rick Ross
  9.  These Stones
  10.  Indy Girl
  11.  Us Against The World
  12.  Reinvent The Wheel ft. Mali Music
  13.  My Body
  14.  Private Destination
  15.  Black Girl Magic
  16.  Edge of the Bar
  17.  Top of the World
  18.  Zero ft. LemPayne
  19.  Ebony

Target Bonus Tracks
01.  Powerful
02.  Reckless Lover

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