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Sure Dating Tips, That Work

So, it’s Friday night and you are trying to decide whether to flip through your t.v. guide, or check your rolodex to see if you could possibly have some well-deserved fun. The only problem is like most people living in America, you are not alone. According to a 2010 U.S. Census bureau, reported by CNN, over 96 million people in America don’t admit to having a “special someone.” To make matters more depressing, 43% of Americans that are over the age of 18 are single. Yet, this can work to your advantage because now you are armed with the truth instead of facts. Facts can change, but the truth rarely does. If you are looking to spruce up your life, you can, and I am going to give you some sure dating tips that work:

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Exposure, Exposure, Exposure:
Outside of the normal advice about self-confidence, a decent salary, and attractiveness, as a Psychology scholar, I want to give you one simple practice that you can implement that may change your Friday nights for the better. If you can remember the college days, some of the most successful students were those that found a way to study and make time for social events. Exposure is the key to cure to those lonely Friday nights. In fact, this remedy works during the daytime too! If you were stuck on watching television on the nights that you would rather be with someone, then why not watch television in a public place…say a sports bar for instance. If you are a book worm and you read a lot, but your dating life sucks, then why not read in a public place…say a popular bookstore perhaps? How about joining a book club through a local meet-up group? The point is, your answer lies in simple mathematics, if you increase your visibility by 50%, then you increase the likelihood of meeting more people. If you meet more people, you increase the likelihood of meeting someone you like. The short form of it is….GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.


But You Don’t Understand, I Don’t Like to be Turned Down:
The key to becoming a better you is your ability to take control of EVERY part of your life. If you are used to being turned down because of all sorts of reasons, then perhaps you need to re-evaluate what you are trying to bring into your life. If you are used to chasing & not “catching” anything, stop chasing others and allow yourself to be chased; post an ad, go to a speed-date session, join an online dating pool, join a singles group, check the papers, phone conferences….just do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone, and exposes you to more of your “territory.” Also, maybe it’s time to start taking a look at why you are getting all of this “rejection.” The first question you should ask yourself is, “Am I supporting who already takes an interest in me?” By focusing on who’s radar you are on, you increase the possibilities of potential success. Also, ask yourself what it is that you are REALLY looking for. If you are looking for friendship, then follow that genre… if you are looking for something else….that can be a little tricky. Nevertheless, there is something out there for everyone. Now get back in the game.  You’re winning, you just don’t know it!

Do you have any dating tips that have been successful for you?

Written by Jesse Herriott

JESSE HERRIOTT, M.A. is a Doctoral Candidate in Gender Psychology at North Central University. He serves as an adjunct professor, counselor, spirituality teacher and hosts a weekly radio program on Tuesday’s 10amET on Unity.FM Radio ( . He can be reached by email at:


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