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Buzzing Emcee Mobsquad Nard Aiming For Greatness

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MobSquad Nard Chats With Parlé Mag Ahead of His Nardo Da’vinci Mixtape Release

Having recently unveiled the lead single/video, “Peephole,” featuring MobSquad Snap Sosa, from his soon-to-be released mixtape collection, Nardo Da’vinciB, highly buzzed about emcee, MobSquad Nard, who hails from Jacksonville [Duval County], Florida, is clearly on his way to obvious career greatness.

Nardo Da’vinci is the follow-up to the well-received MobSquad Nard debut mixtape Everything Clean But Da Ashtray.

Parlé Magazine caught up with the 26 year-old budding rapper after having just wrapped his stint on the Cam’ron headlined Smokers Club Tour,  alongside The Underachievers, G Herbo, Smoke DZA and Pro Era’s Nyck Caution.  Check out the highlights from our conversation with MobSquad Nard.

MobSquad Nard On…
Introduction To Music:
 I’ve been doing music for over a decade. I had first got introduced to music with my partners in the MobSquad, my partner T, we started performing the music probably like fourteen, fifteen years old. We just been doing it like that for awhile.

Musical Influences:
 Eightball & MJG, Trick Daddy, UGK, JT Money…  just a lot of the south, classic.  Juvenile, southern Hip Hop.

Professional Pursuit:
 In high school and after high school. It was more like just a snowball effect. We had started rapping and people just got into our music. They got onto it in our school, they loved it, so by the time we came to the eleventh, twelfth grade, senior year, they were like, “What y’all gonna do? Y’all gonna keep pursuing the music or y’all gonna stop?” We just kept going.

Defining The Music:
I define it as aggressive street music. It’s aggressive, but at the same time it’s music that’s motivating. It’s music that gets you going. I feel like our type of music… it’s everything on the street, but at the same time it’s from an aggressive standpoint.
MobSquad Nard
Moniker Derivation:
My city… in my city, say you’re name be like by where they know you from first, and then your name. Your first name would be your last name, and then where they know you from would be your first name. My name is MobSquad Nard, they know me from the MobSquad so whenever they say, “Which Nard? You talking about it’s MobSquad Nard!” We always say the MobSquad family, so that’s why they call me MobSquad Nard.

Jonny [Shipes], he was out in Jacksonville doing his job, so whenever he came down to Jacksonville he bumped into my CEO, (the late) Mob Boss [née Lamarca Deshon Wilcox], CEO of our Jacksonville record label, Hustle House. So, when he bumped into Mob Boss – he was interested – he had another artist on the label, Nephew, Jonny Shipes, he was working with Nephew and whatever, but everything was all cool, all love. He hadn’t already planted his seed in Jacksonville, so everything in Jacksonville, anything he wanted to do as far as Hustle House Records, was a go. We ended up signing right there on the spot…well, after I got out of jail. I had already been working with him before I went to jail.
Everything Clean But Da Ashtray, it’s really like how I’m living, but at the same time, it’s paying homage to some of the legends of Hip-Hop. You might not know, but I get that title from Mystikal ’cause he had a song called “Big Truck Driver.” He say on the song, “Even on a bad day everythin’ clean but the ash-tray.” So, I’ve been living like that. That’s my life, that’s how I live. I don’t owe nobody, I make sure everything cool with all of my people, I smoke a lot of good weed… everybody knows me by that, so that’s the best way I could describe myself. Everybody in the city could vouch for that.

Oh, man, it’s love – city to city to city to city to city – everywhere we go, we making new impressions, making everlasting impressions on people. Everywhere we go, we’re receiving love and we giving it. We reciprocating it like that. We’re showing love to the fans, we’re giving out gifts. It’s good. We hanging out, and every city we go to people been loving it. We been loving the people.
Live Experience:
Somebody who never been to a live show… I would just tell ’em to come participate. It’s a lot funner when you get into it with the act, ’cause I had never really been to a live performing show before I really started doing it, so it wasn’t really nothing that I was used to. Just been getting more comfortable with doing shows. I can let people know, if you come to the show just come and have fun, man, get you some drinks, kick back.

Key To Success:
I feel my level, like my insight level, a lot of people wondering where I came from in music now. They don’t know what song I sing, they don’t really know how I got here, but at the same time it’s just the level that I’m on in music… you know, from the inside out… inside the studio I know what I’m doing. I could record myself, do it all. Then, I can mix it, I can get it pressed up, duplicate it on CD’s.  I produce my own vocals. I’ll be able to last with my fans. Got to keep it real ’cause it’s forever. Everything I say, that’s really how I’m living. I’m a leader. If I keep giving ’em what they want, I’ll be able to last forever.

The Future:
Yeah, definitely, the sky’s the limit. Plus, I look up to Pac. Presidential campaign, I ain’t saying I’m going all the way out there, but at the same time I want to venture out, multitask in this rap game. I want to do my merchandise, my clothes. I want to do a lot. I wanna leave a very big impression… MobSquad impression.

Career Highlight:
Well actually, just where we taking it. We on BET Jams right now, MTV.  We getting it done on the TV and the radio stations.  My city, they call and put me on the radio. I don’t have to… they’ll call me like, “Nard, man, we going live for the whole city.” So just with that going on, it’s really been a blessing. It’s nothing really major, but at the same time I’m going in the right direction by doing the things that I’m doing as far as the accomplishments, and the things what’s going on in my city.

Last Words:
Keep it real ’cause God’s watching. That’s my favorite saying. That’s my saying. A lot of people do a lot in the dark, but one day it’s gonna come to the light. Everybody gotta answer to somebody at the end of the day. Keep it all the way 100. Keep it real.

Watch The MobSquad Nard ft. Mobsquad Snap Sosa “Peephole” Video Here:

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