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Childish Gambino ‘Awaken, My Love’ Tracklist, Cover Art & Album Stream

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New Childish Gambino Album, Awaken, My Love Gives Fans More Donald

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, can do anything. First, his career sprouted to new levels with the release and huge success of his show, Atlanta, which he stars in, produces and writes. Now comes news of the release of his new album Awaken, My Love released on December 2nd.  The news has fans, new and old, going nuts.

Viewers were pleasantly surprised with Atlanta (no surprise). The show pays homage to the South and its influence to Hip-Hop culture, with a soundtrack highlighting the hip, aggressive trap beats that originated in and has remained as a part of the core that is Southern Hip-Hop culture. Atlanta also features music from southern artists.

The story is based on a broke, man who aspires to fulfill his dreams in music while trying to maintain and somewhat provide for his daughter and girlfriend, while simultaneously trying to manage his cousin’s rap career. But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen him on a TV screen. You can catch Glover in repeats of the hit comedy, Community, as well as on his own stand up comedy, Weirdo, which streams on Netflix.

The album art for the album and the first song, “Me and Your Mama”, have already been released to fans who have pre-ordered the album. After giving it a listen, I think its safe to say that this album will be something to remember.

Childish Gambino Awaken, My Love Tracklist

  1. Me and Your Mama
  2. Have Some Love
  3. Boogieman
  4. Zombies
  5. Riot
  6. Redbone
  7. California
  8. Terrified
  9. Baby Boy
  10. The Night Me and Your Mama Met
  11. Stand Tall

Listen to the entire Childish Gambino Awaken, My Love album below


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