Jill Scott Files For Divorce From Husband of 15 Months, Gets Restraining Order

After being married for less than 2 years Jill Scott calls it quits with her husband.  The 45 year old Grammy award winning singer and Mike Dobson, 49, got Married in June of last year. The pair did not have any children together.

According to documents obtained by TMZ the singer said they have been separated and living in separate homes since September 5th. Jill did get a pre-nuptial agreement signed going into the marriage and she wants it enforced.  The divorce filing was made on September 15th.

This is Scott’s second marriage, the first being to Lyzel Williams. That marriage did last three times longer than this most recent one.  Jill Scott and Mike Dobson were married last June in a private ceremony in Tennessee. Jill was also once engaged to musician Lil John Roberts, and the pair have a son named Jett.

Recently filed divorce documents cites “irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital conduct that such further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper” as the reason for the divorce. In Tennessee, “inappropriate marital conduct” could range from infidelity to abuse.

Dobson exclusively explained to Bossip that he was “blindsided” by the divorce. He continues with saying, “She’s an evil woman” ” she has issues” and “she likes to emasculate men”.

He might be right. When Scott filed for divorce she did list Dobson as unemployed, but Dobson claims he has been employed with the city of Atlanta since 2011.

Jill Scott also got a restraining order against her soon to be ex-husband, filing for it the same day she filed for divorce.

Under the order, neither spouse can threaten, harass or stalk the other, nor can one trash talk the other in front of their kids.

The couple cannot destroy or hide files on their hard drives or computers or hide assets from the marriage.

They also can’t spend money excessively without the court’s permission and have to provide receipts for their purchases that the other party can request to see, the restraining order says.

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