Mary Vaughn’s Lawsuit Against Ex-Husband Steve Harvey Gets Dismissed

Steve Harvey

Mary Vaughn, Ex-Wife of Steve Harvey Has Million-Dollar Lawsuit Thrown Out by Judge

According to TMZ, a judge has officially dismissed a $60 million dollar lawsuit from Mary Vaughn (also known by Mary Shackelford or Woolridge) against comedian and television host Steve Harvey.

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Early last year, Mary Vaughn–the ex-wife of Harvey, sued the 61-year-old for mental anguish, child endangerment, torture, conspiracy against rights, kidnapping, murder, breach of contract, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

She has previously made claims that Harvey “murdered her soul”, later stating that she was suicidal throughout the duration of their rancorous divorce back in 2005.

The kidnapping allegations stem from an incident when Harvey supposedly kidnapped their son, Wynton, and wouldn’t let her see him, which was also said to be around the time of the split.

However, due to their divorce being handled in the state of Texas, the jurist felt as though the case should’ve been handled there as well. So, it was thrown out.

As for Harvey, he has denied Vaughn’s statements.

The two were married from 1996 to 2005.

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