Best European Destinations For A Mini Break

2018 is only just beginning, so there’s plenty of time to plan mini-breaks and getaways to cities that have long been appealing to you. It’s time to tell yourself that this year is going to be the year you explore all the destinations you’ve always wanted to. A weekend getaway can be the perfect way to wave goodbye to the long working week. However, travel time and expenses are important to take into account when planning and booking your mini-break. Below are the best European destinations for the perfect urban mini-break:

Paris, France

Whether you’ve previously been to Paris or not, there’s a certain je ne sais que about this beautiful and romantic city that makes it inviting to return to time and time again. Visiting France is the perfect way to brush up on your high school French, too. If you’re one for sweet treats, then why not entertain the idea of a bakery tour over the mornings you’re there. You can organise this entirely yourself with the help of a map and an appetite for pastry. Cycle between the different bakeries in the morning and eat your chosen breakfast in the morning sun.

Lisbon, Portugal

The Portuguese capital city is busy, vibrant and always guaranteed good fun. You can enjoy exhilarating street-side entertainment, popping up around street corners and in alleyways while you’re exploring the city. Talented musicians play their various instruments out on the streets, and hearing this on the way to your lunch date or evening dinner is sure to lift your spirits and get you feeling energized. Many of the houses in this city are painted and decorated in bright colours, with the ancient streets being narrow and cobbled. Online travel guides have a wealth of information, such as Mr Hudson Explores, and are worthwhile checking out before you travel. You will get lost in the magic of the place on your urban mini break. It’s impossible not to wonder how many thousands of others have travelled the same stones, have gazed on what you too are gazing on, and inevitably fallen for the electric energy of the place.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is universally famed for its elaborate canal systems and brightly painted narrow houses. This city is a hub of entertainment and culture. In this green, environmentally aware and conscious city, cycling is a must. It’s strongly advised and encouraged that you get on your bike. It’s an innovative and exciting way to discover the city for yourself. Everywhere is easily accessible by bicycle, so cycle down the busy streets, visit The Hague and see the canal system for yourself! The Dutch capital does not fall short of surprises, making it ideal for a mini-break.

Krakow, Poland
The capital of Poland is culture rich. Krakow is a beautiful city, and one that you’ll not want to leave come the end of your mini-break, especially if you’ve tried pierogi – a crescent-shaped dumpling stuffed with either mincemeat or sauerkraut and cheese. Establishments selling these are, thankfully, dotted throughout the centre so you can make pit-stops to fill up between city excursions. The main square is steeped in history and grandeur and is found in the very centre of the city. The square itself was built in the 13th century and is one of the largest city squares in Europe so pick up a map from a tourist information centre so you can navigate around the main attractions to be seen and enjoyed in this city. When considering where to stay in Krakow, think central so you can easily get from A to B.


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