Did Black Thought Have The Best Funk Flex Freestyle of 2017??? We Count Them Down…

2017 was a good year for freestyling. Rappers young and old sent bars through the radio waves – everyone from Mysonne talking about how the game is fucked up to 11 year-old Young Pappa of The Hoodies spitting fire over the Ill Bomb beat. Fans continue to storm YouTube to replay freestyle videos dropped earlier this year.  Now that we’ve had some time to marinate on it, we’re counting down some of the best Funk Flex freestyles of the year.

The ability to spit raps off the top of the head is always a beautiful thing to watch for rap aficionados. With the current mainstream subgenre of Hip-Hop being mumble rap, people fail to believe that freestyling with actual words is still around. So when a rapper is able to go on Funk Flex to showcase those freestyle skills it catches the attention of the entire Hip-Hop world. Winnowing down this shameful list of riches was no easy task but the streets wanted this list, and I’m here to provide. This is all one person idea of what constitutes the Best Funk Flex freestyles of 2017.

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  1. The Hoodies

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