Whether Writing A Book, Telling A Joke Or Trying To Get The Girl, These Storytelling Tips Should Help

Storytelling Tips

Storytelling Tips For Anyone Who Needs A Little Help

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Who is the life of the party? He is good at cheerfully and interesting story telling. People like such men, they are appreciated, and they are invited to parties.

However, this gift is not given to everyone.  There are chosen ones. But, you all have chances to become one of these people who know how to tell interesting stories. There are rules from girls dating that will allow you to become a good storyteller, you will be able even to take part in the stand-up shows, and joke in front of people.

Choose a story that is important to you.

The problems start from the very beginning when you don’t know how to tell an interesting story about yourself, or don’t know which story to choose. It’s very simple, you need just to choose the one that impresses and excites you. You can dip into the past, and catch something that has had an impact on your future. Most likely, a story that seems funny to you, will be one of the interesting stories to tell a potential mate.

Divide your story into parts and properly present each of them.

If you have an interesting story to tell, remember that your presentation should not be very different from a literary one. So, divide mentally your story into several parts. In the beginning, do not forget to specify those details that are necessary for the normal perception of the story. You can even start with the notorious, “Once upon a time …,” the ascending action is always perceived much easier.

Focus on the important details.

It is very difficult to listen to the stories with an excess of information. Therefore, you should focus on really interesting and juicy moments.

The purpose of your story is to get people (especially girls) to experience the same emotions that you experienced in the past. Therefore, if you want to fill your story with bright details, add your personal emotions to it. This is a universal material, people are much more interested in learning about your personal experience and attitude than, for example, about defects in a corrugated pipe.

Tell the truth.

You’re not a fisherman,  a lumberjack in a remote village,  a superhero, and not even a traveler, you’re just an ordinary person, but it doesn’t mean that girls are not interested in listening to your stories.  Life is full of fun, an interesting story can happen with everyone. Therefore, you should always tell the truth, you do not need to embellish. People who begin to make up some details in a story in order to seem better, shift the whole accent to their magical awesomeness, and the listener has a question, “What was the story about?”

In fact, the most interesting stories are those in which you are sincere and do not hide your vulnerability, stupidity, strangeness. The truth is much more fun and interesting, so you do not have to try to embellish it with extra fictitious details.

Practice and work on small things.

Practice is needed everywhere, even with such simple, at first sight, things. Tell these stories to yourself, watch your breath, write down the details that you would like to tell, such little things are usually completely forgotten. However, the story without these things is like a sailboat without sails, and it is perceived as a nonsense.

Do not be afraid of failure.

Do not be afraid that your story will not be understood. People are different, and they have different interests, it’s just a story and nothing more. However, try to notice at what moments people were animated, at what they laughed, and when they yawned. And, most importantly, if you know for sure that some girls do not tolerate dirty jokes, or are categorically against any mention of jokes from the Internet, then this must be taken into account.

Let us know if these storytelling tips helped.

Image by Patrick Perkins

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