The Top Eyewear Trends For Summer 2018

It is natural to automatically look at the face of those we meet or are in conversation with. Eyes are what we focus on, and as fashionistas that presents a golden opportunity to look good! Eyewear is a staple part of many people’s wardrobe, and from stylish reading glasses to fashionable sunnies, there’s plenty of opportunity to enhance the appearance of your eyes. So if you’re a fashion fanatic looking to make sure your eyewear game is on point this summer, read on to pick up a few of the top eyewear trends for this season.

Think about your style

When it comes to personal preference, not all eyewear is made equal – and that’s why you should go for a pair of glasses that suit your style. Your face shape should come into consideration here. If your eye line and jawline are relatively narrow compared to the rest of your face, for example, it’s likely that you have what’s known as a diamond-shaped face – and in that case, it’s a good idea to go for eyewear which is either rimless or part-rimless.

It’s more common to have a round-face, in which case eyewear which has a frame made from a rectangle is perhaps a better idea. No matter what your face shape, you should find eyewear to match your individual facial configuration. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be well on the way to finding eyewear that suits you perfectly.

Don’t forget sunglasses

When it comes to trends in eyewear, the role played by sunglasses cannot be forgotten. Vitally important in the summer season, these trendy add-ons come in sleek and small varieties as well as large-lens, celebrity-style goggles. And this year in particular, it’s becoming common for designers to include what are known as “embellished shapes” in the design of their sunglasses. That is a trend emerging at top fashion brands such as Miu Miu, and it’s likely that we’ll all start to notice exaggerated designs like large, three dimensional floral patterns alongside big shapes like pearls in our sunglasses this year.

What about other options?

Even for the most eyewear-conscious fashion follower, it’s not always possible to wear the latest eyewear trends. Perhaps you’re planning to go out and do some exercise and you’re worried that your glasses will be damaged, or maybe you’re heading for a big night out and you don’t want to take your glasses along with you. Whatever the reason, it’s worth looking into alternative options. Getting cataract surgery in Nashville is a great way to leave the eyewear at home while still being able to enjoy good vision. Such surgery to remove cataracts to restore clear vision is painless and the recovery time is short.

If you’re looking for eyewear that assists your vision in your day to day life while also helping you send the fashion statement you desire, look no further than the tips outlined here. By making sure that you’re adequately dressed in the eye department, you’re sure to find you will turn heads while enjoying improved vision.

Image by Steinar Engeland

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