Cute DIY Gift Ideas for Your Mom and Dad

Do you remember those sweet moments, when your mommy and daddy were happy with your naive handmade cards and cute little DIY gifts? So, why not to jog these memories with some DIY gifts ideas?

If you’re thinking of something meaningful and memorable to present your parents, a store-bought gift isn’t able to send the perfect message. But a DIY gift, made with love, can.

Personalized gifts for dad from son, thoughtful handmade pressies for mom from her kids, cute gifts for father’s day from daughter, or for mother’s day from son… All of them mean much more if they’re hand-made.

There are millions of ideas, and here we have our favorite DIY gift ideas for your mom and dad.

Nice ‘Just Because’ Gift for Mom
DIY Gift Ideas

Here’s a super-easy last minute Mother’s Day DIY gift idea, which anyone could make. What’s best of all – it’s edible! Does your mommy have a sweet tooth? If yes, she’s gonna like this cuteness.

‘You Rock’ Last Minute Father’s Day Gift
DIY Gift Ideas
How about such personalized gifts for dad from son? This is only one idea out of multiple design options: you can experiment with materials, shapes, and signs. It’s your papa, so make it maximally individual, adjust the frame to his interests and personality to impress him.

DIY Picture Clock for Mom & Dad
DIY Gift Ideas
Wanna get something really special for your parents’ anniversary day? Consider a picture clock like this. Place the most precious memories and sweetest moments into the frames and your mom & dad will be moved to tears.

DIY Artwork

This one is do it yourself, kinda.  You can make artwork or creative art with just a picture.  Using a site like you can take whatever image you want to make into a large piece of animation in your home.  It looks great and it’s a perfect DIY gift idea.

DIY Personalized Sharpie Cup
DIY Gift Ideas

The best thing about sharpie cups is the fact you can write or draw on it whatever you want – and this sign and image will stay on a cup forever. Just buy a cup, write your message with special crayons, heat your future pressie in the oven, let it cool down without touching, and enjoy a perfect last minute father’s day gift.

DIY Neck Pillow for Aromatherapy
DIY Gift Ideas

Make this DIY stress-relieving aromatherapy neck pillow to show how much you care about your parents. This creative and easy-to-make gift requires minimal expenses. All you need is a sock, a bag of rice, aroma oil, and a needle with thread.

Fill the sock 2/3 full of dry rice, drop 10-15 drops of aroma oil, and sew the end of your sock shut. Warm up the neck pillow before using for a maximally relaxing effect. Enjoy!

DIY Lamp with Memorable Pics
DIY Gift Ideas
You won’t need any expensive materials for making this stylish, memorable, and personalized gift. Just take old black and white or color negatives, Mod Podge, a foam brush, scissors, and a lamp (this one is from Ikea). What can be better than a masterpiece with photos of your family? No doubts, they’re gonna love it!

Candy Gram Poster with Love
DIY GIft Ideas
Finally, last but not least, and probably the most personal gift – a poster card with sincere wishes and few extra treats, which nobody can resist. Having made a DIY gift like this, you can never go wrong. Just switch on your creativity and the result will be surprising!


We really hope that you’ve found some inspiration, scrolling down this page, and your mommy and daddy will be more than happy to receive your handmade gift.

Written by Francesca Russo

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