A Quick Introduction to Money Clips

Money clips allow users to carry credit cards and bills. They are slim and compact and people opt for them as a good alternative to the bifold and trifold wallets. That is because they can easily fit in any pocket. Money clips are available in many types and each of the types provides unique features. One of the popular choices is the Kinzd money clip wallet. It will help you carry business cards and other essentials. 

About money clips

Most people see money clips as minimalistic versions of the bifold and trifold wallets. For a first time user, money clips are seemingly lacking in features. That is because they do not offer the small papers to allow scribbling down of phone numbers or spaces for photos or coins. However, those are some of the advantages associated with them. You do not have to carry what you do not need. With a debit or credit card, work ID, driver’s license and enough bills in the money clip, you will not worry about other things. 

Types of money clips 

Money clips are stripes of metal bent down at the middle. They are plier-like metal clips, which the users can bend up to around half a centimetre to place their money and credit cards at the middle. Due to the plier-like shape, clips hold on to the money in a tight grip and nothing gets lost.

Most money clips are made of polished or brushed metal. However, manufacturers may offer some advanced versions that come in various shapes, colours and sizes and other helpful features. When choosing a money clip, you should remember that the available types follow in one of these three categories. 

– Classic money clips 

The classic money clips on average have a length of 5 cm and a width of 1.5 cm. The money clip wraps properly around a half dozen of folded bills. Manufacturers use classic metals like titanium, gold, silver and platinum to make this type of money clip. They may also use basic metals like nickel and stainless steel. On the downside, some metals, especially nickel are a known cause of allergic reactions. To avoid allergic reactions, you will need to go for the high-end classic money clips. The prices vary according to the used metal. The manufacturer may engrave your name initials or words on the clip.

– Magnetic money clips 

The phrase “magnetic clip” sounds misleading because the actual clip is not magnetic. Manufacturers use two magnets that they sew into both ends of durable materials, such as leather. Magnetic clips are not plier-like grips. The user places the bills and other essentials at the centre of the material and the magnets hold them together. They are usually wider than the classic clips, they have a higher capacity, and sliding out of bills is easier and efficient. If your budget is tight, they are a better choice. 

– Wallet money clips 

Wallet money clips are simply wallet clips that come with credit card holders – that is why some people call them hybrid clips. With this type, there will be no need of keeping our paper money and your documents together in the clip. The wallet offers slots for them. Manufacturers also offer these clips in various designs and colours and they mostly include three slots. 


Leather-based wallet clips are small and therefore more convenient to carry than the regular bifold or trifold wallets. However, your cards will not last for a long time if held in the magnetic clip constantly. To minimize damages, you have to place the cards correctly.

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