Fat Transfer A Hot Trend In Plastic Surgery And Fillers


One of the hottest trends in plastic surgery this year is the use of fat transfer, which is now a popular technique for breast augmentations, Brazilian butt lifts, and injectables – according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Fat transfer – which involves removing fat from one part of the body for use elsewhere – enables plastic surgeons to bestow a more natural, harmonious look. It is simple, efficient, and quick. Moreover, in some cases, it offers smaller risks and a shorter downtime.

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Body fat as a filler

Fat is obtained from an area such as the tummy, ‘double chin’ or hips through the insertion of an ultra fine canula. The extracted fat is cleansed and placed into a centrifuge and the resulting product is injected into the target area. Fat is used as a filler in areas such as sunken cheeks or deep wrinkles at the side of the mouth. It can also be injected into lips to plump them up. Unlike traditional fillers like hyaluronic acid and collagen (whose effects last for six to 18 months), fat transfer can last indefinitely, though in the first few weeks, there will be a small, initial loss of volume. The whole process takes around 45 minutes and is so safe and quick that only local anesthetic is used. If you would like a temporary solution for lip enhancement, however, fat transfer is less ideal than Restylane or Juvederm, because it can last for various years. Temporary fillers are completely safe, and they allow you to play and experiment with volume and shape, so you don’t need to commit to a ‘forever’ look just yet.

Fat transfer for breast surgery

Medium has deemed ‘hybrid breast augmentation’ one of the biggest trends to watch out for, since it enables surgeons to create a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing look. While breast implants can add desired volume, they produce a standard shape that the plastic surgeon may feel needs working on. Fat transfer can also be used instead of implants when a woman wishes to correct a small area of asymmetry. However, fat transfer alone will not give you the results you desire if you wish to significantly increase in volume.

Fat transfer in Brazilian butt lifts

Celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Cardi B, and the Kardashians have done plenty to spark a boom in curvy rears. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons called the Brazilian butt lift the hottest growing plastic surgery procedure in 2018. As is the case with breast augmentation, butt lifts can also involve fat transfer, or a combination of implantation and fat transfer. During whole-body ‘mommy make-over’ and ‘bikini body’ surgeries, doctors sometimes use the fat transfer technique in more than one part of the body.

Fat transfer has grown in popularity over recent years owing to its ability to add harmony and volume to both small and larger areas of the face and body. Those wishing to have facial or lip fillers that last for years are drawn to this technique, which has the added bonus of being 100% compatible with other tissue. The technique isn’t for everyone, however. Because it has long-lasting effects, it is ideal for those who already know how much volume they desire and those who are ready to commit long-term to their new look.

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