How to Get the Most Flavor Out of Your Vape

Flavor Out Your Vape

Clouds and flavor give vaping a meaning. If you want to get the best flavors from your vape, there are numerous tricks and tips you can follow. Of course, not everything you read online will work because some platforms are not detailed in what they write. But well-researched information like what is shared here will be insightful to both beginners and experienced vapers.

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When it comes to chasing a vivid flavor, having the best vape kit setup matters a lot. So, are you curious to know how to get the most flavor out of your vape or Suorin vapes? Read on to learn more.

Choosing the Best E-juice

Although it is not the ultimate solution to getting the best flavor from an e-pen, it is a major contributor. Choosing poor quality e-juice from downtown streets or sketchy websites might save you some money but at the cost of enjoying good flavors. Try to buy your e-juice carefully from reputable shops and websites that will assure you of good quality. The PG/VG ratio matters a lot. Make sure it has higher PG, which is able to hold crisp flavor. Be cautious to avoid counterfeit products.

Wattage and Temperature Settings Matter

E-juice from reputable manufacturers usually guides users on the best wattage and temperature to get optimum clouds and flavor. Just follow those guidelines to get the best from them. However, personal taste matters a lot, and this can help to get the optimum flavor as well. It might take you some trials to get to this point, but getting there eventually is crucial.

Choosing the Coil

The flavor is highly determined by the type of coil that you are using. Have you heard about top-coils? If not, you are probably lucky because they typically give a poor flavor. Hence, people are now avoiding them. Bottom coils are the best. They do not rely on gravity for the wick to absorb the juice. It just flows well to give the best experience. You can visit this website to see e-cigs with this setup for the best flavor.

Reducing the Airflow

One thing to note is that cloud chasing will compromise the flavor. Why? When the airflow is high, the vape device will give humongous clouds because they are less dense. With this comes less flavor. If you are the type who appreciates the chocolate, strawberry, or any other flavor of e-juice, reduced airflow will do the trick. It will give dense clouds that are loaded with crisp flavor.

Consider an Appropriate Wick

Wick material and maintenance are also key to getting distinctive flavor from a vape device. No wonder experienced vape users prefer assembling their own wick. Choose a material that will not clog after only a few days, but you should also clean it often to keep it at the optimum.


With these tips and tricks, your vaping journey will never be the same again. The flavor will always be distinctive and crisp no matter what you have decided to try. As you can see, these are easy and straightforward points that anyone can try without difficulty.

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