This is Why It’s Important for All Women to Root for Each Other

Helping Your Fellow Sister Adjust Her Crown: Everything Isn’t a Competition

Often times there seems to be a lot of cattiness and competition between women. I always think to myself, why? Why is it so hard for Women Root for each other?

I truly believe that all women, no matter what color they are, can all win. There isn’t one who is better than the other. What works for some may not work for others. And that’s perfectly okay. I’m all for empowering and encouraging women around me. I surround myself with women who are going places I’m trying to get to because I want to learn from them. This isn’t a competition. It’s not a race. We all can get to the finish line.

Recently, I was added to a Facebook group called Muvas That Slay. When I say there is no animosity whatsoever, it’s amazing. It’s a group of women who are also mothers that have a safe haven to vent, laugh, joke around and just be us. We offer advice to each other, pick each other up and encourage each other. A lot of times our advice can help another woman or mother in need. I’m all for that.

I come from an era where social media didn’t exist and you had to rely on your neighbors, friends, and family for help. That’s almost non-existent today. Most women see other women as enemies when that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Social media puts on display some really horrible things. It can be used for good things, but most times, it does not. That’s why this group is refreshing. It’s a no-judgment zone. It’s a free forum for women to express themselves and be honest.

Another woman is my sister, no matter if the same blood runs through our veins or not. No matter what race she is. No matter what background she comes from. I will help her hold her head up, push her to her fullest potential and have her back at all times. After all, isn’t that what sisterhood is all about? If I see my sister slipping, let me help you out, Sis. I’m not your enemy, and I don’t ever want to be. We may bump heads at times or even disagree about things but I value you.

As women and mothers, a lot of the load of a household falls upon our shoulders. While carrying the load of motherhood, we often work full-time jobs, have husbands and boyfriends and even businesses. WE ARE BOSSES! Women should root for each other because who else understands like we do?  We always find a way to push through and persevere. That’s what we’re made of. It’s embedded in our DNA.

In addition to all of that, we rarely make time for ourselves because we’re always on the go. That’s why this amazing group of women I’ve come to know and love is what all moms and women need. From kid advice to laughing about a funny meme, making jokes about our lives or that mental health check-in post, we can come together. The majority of households and homes are built by women.

I pride myself on trying to be the best person I can be. I fall short sometimes and that’s okay. With these women, none of my faults are seen as a bad thing. Hell, we all have faults. The best thing about it is, we all know and we still care for each other. It’s definitely one of my go-to places after a long day.

Who would’ve ever thought that you could find a group of women to vibe with online? Not I. Who would’ve thought I could’ve found a place where women root for each other on the internet? I’m more for a personal type. I like to meet people face-to-face and interact with them. Some of these women will probably never meet me. That’s okay too. I’m happy with the fact that I have someplace to go to and talk to other women like me without feeling embarrassed.

If you’re a woman and mom, you know exactly what I mean. I went from trying to make it on my own with my own little family that consists of my husband and six children to finding friends online who’ve become more to me than some of my own family members. Talk about tough. But whether you’re online or offline, having a person or a group of people is essential.

Surround yourselves with positive women. Look for women who are where you’re trying to get to in life. Learn from them. Grow from and with them. Speak life into them and yourself. And when in doubt, join Muvas That Slay because we’re all about positivity and empowerment. It doesn’t always have to be a competition. I got your back. I’ll cheer you on. I’ll clap for you. Because your success means something to me. I’m proud of you, Sis.

And if I ever see your crown slipping, let me adjust it for you, Queen. After all, that’s what sisters are for. As women lets root for each other.

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