The Biggest Stars of the Current Sport Scene

Serena Williams - Biggest Sports Stars

When it comes to sport stars who have made a lasting impact we all know the roll call of fame. From Jesse Owens to Muhammed Ali and Michael Jordan to Jerry Rice, there are some truly great names to think about. If you were now to bet on the bouts, races or games they were involved in online via sites including the Sugarhouse sportsbook, you would, in all probability, make a decent return. When thinking about big-name stars who have made an impact on their sport, it is not always about looking back because there are some massive stars currently playing across US sports in this generation that we should all be proud of.

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But who are the ones to have made their mark in their career to date?

Serena Williams

When it comes to big sporting names in the current generation, you have to mention Serena Williams. Not only has she redefined what can be done on a tennis court but she is also showing what heights powerful, empowered females can reach.  Although coming to the final years of an outstanding career, Williams still has the energy, talent, and passion to compete. With 23 Grand Slam title wins under her belt and almost 11 million followers on social media, she is a name that even people who do not follow tennis know well. Where she will head to after tennis is not clear but her place in the history books is well assured.

Kevin Durant

What can you say about this NBA baller which has not been said already? He is certainly one of the best known sporting names in the current generation and one that will be remembered as a legendary figure in basketball. The primary reason is his prodigious scoring ability and his excellence when it comes to bagging rebounds. Throughout his career, 6 feet 10 inch tall Durant has also developed his passing and playmaking skills. This has seen him achieve great heights in basketball which includes two NBA Championships, NBA MVP in 2014 and two Olympic Golds with Team USA. Now with the Brooklyn Nets, it will be interesting to see just how he adds to an already outstanding resume.

Tiger Woods

As with Serena Williams, Woods is such a big name that you do not have to follow golf to respect him or know about him. Since breaking onto the world golf circuit in 1996 when just 20, he has gone on to pick up a huge 80 PGA Titles. This clutch of titles includes the biggest tournaments around, such as the US Open, the Masters and the PGA Championship. He has also been an ever-present in the US Ryder Cup team over his career. Woods has everything as a golfer, from accurate putting to sublime hitting and fabulous chipping. Still currently playing, he is generally regarded as one of the best golfers ever and this certainly makes him a huge name in the current generation of sporting stars.

Cam Newton

One of the biggest sporting names which the current generation has thrown up is the NFL’s, Cam Newton. Since joining the Carolina Panthers in 2011, Newton has enjoyed a very successful spell and has made a significant impact on the sport. Many football fans from urban areas will know all about him and just what an amazing legacy he will leave behind when he retires. Still playing in Carolina, his list of achievements is quite something. Rookie of the Year in 2011 has been followed by three Pro-Bowl appearances, NFL MVP in 2015 and the Bert Bell award in 2015. He also threw 400 yards in his very first game to shatter the record held by Peyton Manning! Newton, when fully fit, is a real machine at QB for the Panthers as he can throw it just as well as he runs it. In terms of this generation of sporting stars, he deserves a mention.

Golden names from a golden generation

What a great batch of urban sports stars we have been lucky enough to enjoy in recent times. Of course, there are many others like LeBron James or Stephen Curry you could add as well! The really exciting thing is that this is an ongoing process and already the next generation are beginning to make their mark to carry on this legacy. From Lamar Jackson to Karl-Anthony Towns, the future for urban sporting excellence is bright.

Photo Credit: Clive Mason / Staff – Getty Images Europe

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