5 Best Gambling Sites for Europeans in 2020

Best Gambling Sites for Europeans

Gambling, if done responsibly, can be as good as any other hobby. It is an activity that requires great strategies and patience, which makes it all fun. What’s more exciting is that if lucky enough, you may find yourself walking with a huge chunk of winnings playing fun games such as totem lightning.

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Those with better days find themselves even winning the jackpot. While there are many critics out there on gambling, it remains a popular activity among most people. Certain individuals pay their bills from the earnings they make out of gambling.

The thing you have to understand with gambling is that you still have chances to maximize your earnings while cutting your losses. One way to do this is by choosing wisely the type of gambling you engage in. For example, when it comes to sports betting, the terms and odds are pretty fair. You will not be playing against anyone, and no one can accurately predict how the game will end.

Are you feeling lucky today? Here are the top gambling sites for Europeans in 2020. This article compiles a list of notable sites worth your consideration. We will also be looking at the factors considered when ranking these sites.


From their information page, you can easily tell that this site was started in 2016. The one thing that makes this site rank high up – it offers an excellent platform for users on the European market.

On the other hand, the site is also accessible to Americans. I include these gamblers here because they find themselves disadvantaged by the legislation imposed by the US government. This leaves them with no option but to rely on offshore gambling sites like this one.

On the betting front, the options available are quite extensive too. You will be able to play a wide range of table games on their site. Here you can enjoy a variety of blackjack and non-blackjack games. Their website also offers an online casino that is powered by two different software for better performance.

Sports betting has one of the biggest fan bases in Europe. You will, therefore, be glad to hear that BetNow provides one of the most reliable sportsbooks. Here they have covered almost every sport, including football, that is very popular in Europe.


If you are looking for a reason to trust this site, how about the fact that it has been in existence for about fifteen years? Over these years, they have learned the techniques of maintaining their clients happy. This has enabled them to be one of the most used sites in Europe.

One of the reasons they are popular is because of their timely payment policy. This bonds well with those people that have certain trust issues with online gambling platforms. Also, on the list of timeliness is their customer serviThey have online chat platforms and are swift to respond to your issues on their email and social media.

Their aggressiveness has also made them a huge hit on online casinos. They are a popular destination because of the wide range of games they offer under this platform. This helps them easily accommodate even those customers looking for alternatives to blackjack.

Another strong aspect is the mobile-friendliness of the gambling site. You can easily access Bovada from your mobile phone. This is a good feature, especially for those placing live bets and sports betting.

Ignition Casino

One of the sites where sports fans can place bets online is Ignition Casino. Why should you test the site that was only stated in 2016? For starters, how about the fact that once you sign-up, there is a good first deposit for that warm welcome? You will also receive bonuses every time you place a bet for casino games and reload your account.

You will also love how Ignition Casino has designed its website. As a gambler, the first thing on your mind is money. As such, you want a site that helps you maximize your earnings. Ignition Casino certainly does this. They have a total payout that exceeds the 90% marker and offer their customers some significant promotions.

The Ignition is also pretty famous for their online casino. It presents users with a massive number of options. They have actually categorized them into several groupings for you to browse through easily. These categories include; slot games, video slots, specialty and table games.

As part of their modern design, they have a site that can easily be accessed on your smartphone. This helps you ensure that you don’t miss out on any action. Learn more about Ignition in this review.  


If you are a football fan in Europe, Betway is a name you are definitely familiar with. You must have seen its adverts that run during stoppage times of football matches. Also, if you are a fan of the English Premier League and West Ham United, the company does not need much of an introduction. They are the official sponsors of this club.

Their active involvement in football seems to have yielded enormous benefits for them. In recent years, they have gained a reputation for being the commonly used online site for sports betting. However, this is not all that they offer. They also provide a great option for online casino among European users.

Jackpot City Casino

There are several reasons why the Jackpot City Casino makes this list. One is the fact that they have been in existence for long, which has helped them garner a lot of loyal customers. Also, they are among the pioneers online gambling, which is another reason to trust them more.

Their legacy extends to what they offer. They currently have over 500 games that their users can enjoy. On top of it, they have some amazing rewards and bonuses that their customers can enjoy.

They also have one of the best money safety guarantees. Therefore, you can transact with them without fear of being scammed.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Reliable Betting Site

You can find a list of some of the best European betting sites above. How did we compile the list? Below are some of the factors considered in its development.

  •     Bonuses and promotions offered
  •     Customer services levels
  •     Gambling options available
  •     Trustworthiness
  •     Website quality and user interface
  •     Banking term and conditions provided

Choosing the Best European Betting Site

Whether in gambling or not, there is no justification of you losing your money to cons. You want to place your bet only on reliable sites that guarantee you maximum returns. Therefore, this article has helped compile a list of the best gambling sites for Europeans. It has also provided you with a criterion of identifying reliable online gambling sites.

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