How Mature Students Can Study In Style

Study In Style Like A Mature Student

Being a mature student can be an exhilarating experience, but it’s also tough when you’re surrounded by young people and feel out of place.

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If you’re thinking of becoming a mature student and studying in later life, here are some of our top tips on how you can make the experience more manageable and live your best life.

Choose A Course You’ll Enjoy

Many mature students choose to start a university course to benefit their career or earn themselves more money in a lucrative new industry, but it’s important that you remember that your studies will take many long years and become a key part of your life, so you need to enjoy them as well as finding them profitable. Consider the things you enjoy and the career you dream of, rather than the one that’ll earn you the most money. 

Research The Funding Options Open To You

One of the biggest challenges facing mature students is funding their studies. Studying for a degree takes a lot of time, so you’ll only be able to take on a part-time job during your years at university, which means you’ll need to find an alternative source of income for the rest of your expenses. There are no age limits on the grants and loans offered by the Student Finance Company, and there are also a range of other grants available, so review all the options before you attend your chosen establishment. This will ensure you get all of the financial support available to you. 

Find Quality Accommodation 

As a mature student you don’t want to be staying in some stale student flat, so if you have to move away from your current home for your studies, find yourself somewhere with loads of fashionable amenities that’ll give you everything you could possibly want and more. In Newcastle and various other locations across the UK, Collegiate offers premier student accommodation that will make you feel like you’re living in a high-end hotel, rather than student digs. 

Treat Yourself To Some New Equipment And Homeware

Young students who are moving away from home for the first time often have to buy themselves loads of items for their new accommodation, but as an adult you’ll already have most of the products you need for living alone studying. Despite this, you should treat yourself to a few little things for your new home so that you feel excited and enjoy the thrill of this new adventure that you’re embarking on. 

Jump Right In

You might be apprehensive about attending university as a mature student, but you should try your best to overcome your fear and take advantage of as many opportunities as you possibly can. Try to respect your personal boundaries and at the same time make the most out of your time as a student. 

Taking on a university degree as a mature student is a unique experience, and one that, with a little planning and hard work, can be truly unforgettable. By following these tips, you can set yourself up to have a great university experience at any age! 

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