Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single Ladies (and Men too)

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Four Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Single Person

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Seeing couples boo’d up all over social media, it’s easy to be in your feelings and wishing you had a special somebody to share the holiday with. That’s an easy fix though. Read for some Valentine’s Day ideas.

We have some single ladies, and men too, who revel in their singleness. While V-Day is a day for lovers, here’s a fun and creative way to celebrate being single too!



Plan a fun and innovative adult sleepover where you can discuss relationships, being single, and living your best lives. It doesn’t always have to be about being in love with someone because, let’s face it, everyone hasn’t found the one just yet. While on the journey to finding a partner to share a lifetime with, embrace your singleness in every way.



Buy some drinks or have your friends bring their own. Put together a smorgasbord of great food or make it a potluck. Hell, make it an all-around turn-up! Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Play games. Do each other’s hair and makeup. Talk about the worst exes you ever had. Truth or Dare is a good game to play, too!

For the fellas, you can have a party without women in attendance. It doesn’t demean your masculinity if you do. Sometimes, guys need that emotional support and reality break as well. Talk about women. Talk about the dos and don’ts of relationships. Create healthy and meaningful bonds with your fellow brethren when it comes to dating.


Vision Board Party

Making vision boards are always fun! And, no, they aren’t gender-specific. Anybody can make them! Organize a vision board party on both sides. Create a vision of what a healthy relationship is in your eyes. Draw from the others around you about what it’s like to be in a healthy and loving relationship if you have a few married or boo’d up friends.


Take Yourself on a Date

Dating and getting to know yourself is just as important as dating and getting to know a significant other. In fact, it’s even more important. Dress up, search around the city for a nice spot to have dinner, then hit the movies or an art gallery. It doesn’t hurt to wine and dine yourself from time to time! You’d be surprised at how much fun you could have.


That’s all I have for right now, folks. I hope these ideas were useful! What will you be doing for Valentine’s Day 2020?

This year, I’m inviting all of my friends, married and single, to my home for a sleepover. My husband works third shift at his job so that leaves me to sleep alone at night. I work during the day so that barely gives me any time to spend with my husband, but we make it work because we know that we love each other and have committed to our marriage and vows. If I can share that with my friends, maybe they make take something from it. Who knows?

On the night of Valentine’s Day, I and several of my closest friends will discuss: marriage, traditional wives vs. modern wives, indulge in good food and even have a drink or three. Yes, three! I encourage other groups of people, friends, and family to do the same. You never know what kind of message you may get… or what advice you may receive. As long as everything is said in love, everything is good.

After all, Valentine’s Day is about love, right?

Healthy relationships of any kind are needed and encouraged.

Emotions are good.

Loving your brothers and sisters, biological or not, is good.

Giving guidance to your loved ones is good.

Being an example for them is good.

Often times, people ask me how have my husband and I sustained our 10-year relationship. It’s all about balance. Where he is strong, I am weak and vice versa. He lets me lead when he knows I can, but I also let him lead where I know he can. We talk. Communication is key! My husband is also my best friend. There isn’t a problem I can’t take to him that he won’t help me work through or find a solution for. Simply put, we just work well together, but that’s because we put the time in to work. It’s already a struggle to start a relationship, let alone keep one. Marriage is a whole other level of work, but when you truly love someone with your whole heart and being, it’s easy-peasy.

I don’t profess to have all of the answers when it comes to love and relationships, but I will say that I want my friends to have the same type of loving relationship that I have with my husband. That’s my goal when they ask for advice or when I set up these nights, like Valentine’s Day, to let them know they are appreciated beyond measure.

Set something up for you and your closest friends. I can guarantee you that they’ll have a great time.

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