10 Ways CBD Oil Can Help You Sleep Better

CBD Oil Can Help You Sleep Better

There are countless claims stating that CBD can make anyone’s life better. Sleep is among one of the top cited benefits of CBD oil. Consumers say that it helps them fall asleep and stay that way through the night, even for those who have insomnia or another sleep disorder.

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If you’re struggling to sleep, CBD oil could be your solution. Here are 10 key ways that CBD has helped many people reclaim their sleep.

  1. Help You Fall Asleep Faster

An individual who is well-rested should take about 10 minutes to fall asleep. Those who are a little sleep deprived can often fall asleep in seconds, or at least less than five minutes from lying on the pillow.

But if it takes you longer than 20 minutes to fall asleep, it can feel like an eternity! The longer you lay awake, the more your mind races and the less likely you’ll be able to fall asleep soon.

Those who take CBD to help them sleep report falling asleep much faster with CBD in their systems. This is an amazing relief for those who aren’t used to falling asleep in minutes instead of hours!


  1. Potentially Reset Sleep Cycles

There’s preliminary research to show that the cannabinoids in CBD could help to reset circadian rhythms that have been disrupted by poor sleep or other disorders. A 2017 study showed that when cannabinoids bind to your CB1 receptors, it can influence your sleep wake cycles for the better. Many sleep disorders are caused by disrupted sleep cycles, and CBD could help turn things around for you.


  1. Relieve Pain

Much of disrupted sleep is not so much the sleep cycles but the symptoms that keep you awake. Pain is one of the most common disruptors of sleep, whether it’s related to an injury, a chronic condition, or an illness.

CBD has been identified as a pain reliever by many who experience chronic or situational pain. It’s believed that when it binds with the CB1 receptors, it also inhibits receptors associated with pain. Numbing the pain with CBD is one of the best alternative medical treatments, according to many who have used it.


  1. Target Inflammation

In the same way that CBD inhibits feelings of pain, it can also target inflammation. Pain and inflammation go hand in hand in many cases, and many of the same hormones and sensations of pain also affect inflammation.

Like pain, inflammation is an immune response. Your body’s endocannabinoid system plays a key role in immune responses, and when you add the cannabinoids from CBD to your body’s natural cannabinoids, it can help to balance out the endocannabinoid system and suppress harmful immune responses like inflammation.


  1. Relax Muscles

Muscle pain, cramps, and stiffness can make it almost impossible to fall asleep. Oftentimes, the muscle problems flare up most when you’ve finally laid down for the night. Movement and standing are often key for breaking up lactic acid, elongating the spine, and allowing the muscles to loosen.

If your muscle pain is keeping you awake, CBD might be able to help. Some research says that CBD could help treat movement disorders like the tremors in Parkinson’s disease, muscle tension in fibromyalgia, and even muscle problems with fibromyalgia. Athletes often report CBD helping to soothe their muscle aches and pains as well.

Sleep is an essential part of muscle repair, so if you can rest well, the effects can be invaluable for boosting muscle health and preventing related sleep issues in the future.


  1. Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is the cause of many people’s short-term or long-term sleep troubles. Racing thoughts, worries, and fears light up the brain when you’re trying to soothe it to sleep. No amount of counting sheep can help you drift off to sleep when your anxiety is high.

CBD is well-known for its ability to help treat anxiety. Patients who use CBD for anxiety report feeling calm almost instantly and that the effects are long lasting. It’s so effective for many that more than half of those who use CBD to treat anxiety throw out their prescription anti-anxiety medications in favor of using CBD alone.


  1. Relieve PTSD Nightmares

Those who experience post-traumatic stress disorder are very likely to struggle with sleep problems. When patients fall asleep, they have distressing nightmares so the sleep isn’t restful, and they often wake up without getting a full night’s sleep. Many patients force themselves to stay awake to avoid the dreams, bringing on insomnia that can damage sleep cycles long term.

CBD has been linked with relieving many symptoms of PTSD. It can help to soothe fears and anxieties, but more importantly, it’s been linked with reducing REM sleep. This is where the dream stage of sleep occurs, so those with PTSD can fall asleep without worrying about the nightmares. Best of all, it has no psychoactive effects, so patients find relief without losing their mental clarity.


  1. Treats Insomnia

Insomnia is a medical condition characterized by persistent poor sleep. Some experience it short term while others have chronic insomnia without a cure in sight. The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine reports that as many as 25 percent of Americans have acute insomnia each year.

There are therapies and wellness practices that are believed to help patients combat their insomnia, but most turn to medication. CBD could be a less harmful form of medication that naturally helps to restore sleep cycles, potentially curing individuals of their short-term insomnia.


  1. Improve Your Morning Mood

When you’re resting better due to the effects of the best CBD oil, you’re more likely to wake up feeling rested and happy. But more than that, CBD has been linked with suppressing stress and anxiety hormones and boosting the production of serotonin and dopamine. In other words, you’re more likely to wake up feeling happy because the chemicals in your brain are pointing that direction.


  1. Avoid Sleeping Pill Side Effects

Sleeping pills work very well for helping most people overcome their sleep disorders, but the costs can be high. They wake up feeling groggy, nauseous, or with digestive problems. Many people form dependences on their sleeping pills.

CBD is a great alternative to the traditional prescription sleep aid. It offers the benefits of helping patients fall asleep and stay that way, and at the right dose, it doesn’t cause noticeable side effects. It’s also non-addictive, and it could help patients overcome the problems that have kept them lying awake for days.

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