Vital Information That Your Driving Instructor Did Not Tell You About

Distracted Driving

Driving instructors are great at teaching you all the steps of how to drive but sometimes there are important bits of information concerning driving that are left out of the curriculum. One main topic that is often overlooked is that of distracted driving, instructors may go over cell phone usage but there are plenty of other sources of distraction on the road as well. Another topic that your driving lesions most likely won’t cover is what to do in the case that you get into an accident and how to file for insurance. Finally, life can sometimes give you a curveball so it’s important to stock your car with certain items that can help you out, this is a topic seldom covered by the majority of driving instructors. This article will go over three vital bits of information your driving instructor most likely didn’t tell you about. 

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What Happens After an Accident 

Driving instructors may be great at showing you how not to get in accidents but they often fail to tell you what to do in the case that an accident does happen. If you end up getting into an accident first see if everyone is ok and if that’s the case you can exchange your insurance information with the other driver. 

According to the experts of if the other party isn’t willing to give you their insurance information, or you were severely injured in the crash, you should contact an auto collisions lawyer. These types of lawyers specialize in car accidents and can be a valuable resource in getting you the settlement you need to get your life back on track again. Similarly, if you get into an accident but your insurance company refuses to cover you it’s always a good idea to consult a specialty lawyer to see what you can do about the situation. Even if the company eventually ends up covering you there is always the chance you can sue them for all the troubles caused while waiting for payment. 

Distracted Driving motorcycle

Distracted Driving 

One of the most publicized types of distracted driving these days is of course using a cellphone while driving but there are plenty of other distractions you need to know about so you can avoid doing them. One surprising type of distracted driving is eating while driving. When you eat while driving you’re probably focusing on your food but you’re also most likely using one hand to eat which means you don’t have as much control over your wheel which can impede your reaction time. 

Another surprising type of distracted driving doesn’t even come from external sources, it comes from people letting their minds wander. When you think heavily about another topic while behind the wheel you’re distracting yourself from driving and what’s going on on the road. This source of distracted driving has been shown to cause tens of thousands of collisions across North America each year. 

What to Have in Your Car 

Cars break down all the time so it’s important to be prepared for this potential situation by storing some vital supplies in your vehicle. One great item to have in your car is a first aid kit so you can be prepared for any minor injuries that may happen in or around your vehicle. If you’re driving in the winter and your car breaks down the heat will most likely shut off so to counter this situation you must have some blankets stored in your trunk for emergencies. 

There is also the possibility that your car breaks down at night, this can be a tricky situation if you’re stuck out in the country where there is menial lighting on certain roads. If you find yourself in this type of situation it’s important to have some road flared on hand so you can signal down other cars or let the towtruck know of your location. 

Driving instructors are excellent at getting you started driving but there are often many topics concerning driving they overlook in their courses. First of all, distracted driving comes in many forms other than simply using your phone while driving so it’s important to know all the different types. 

Secondly, driving courses may teach the rules of the road so you don’t get into accidents but they often fail to tell you what to do in the case that you get into an accident. Finally, stocking your car for any unexpected incidents with the proper items is something overlooked by instructors but something essential for preserving your well being. With these tips you’ll be ready to hit the road and will be fully prepared for any situation that may come up. 

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