Reasons Why You Might Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer who focuses on the defense of individuals and companies that have been charged with a criminal offense. Some criminal defense lawyers can be hired privately, whereas others, usually known as public defenders, are employed by the various jurisdictions within criminal courts for appointment to represent those who are not able to afford a private lawyer.


The first question considered by individuals charged with criminal activity is whether or not they should hire a criminal defense lawyer. The apparent disadvantage is the potential costs and fees related to hiring a lawyer. However, in many cases, the financial costs of a criminal defense lawyer are minimal compared to the potential permanent life changes that can result from not having the best possible defense in a criminal trial. 

Finding the best lawyer fit for your needs

If you find yourself in the predicament of being charged with criminal activity, you should highly consider having a criminal defense lawyer to represent you within the legal settings. Your criminal defense lawyer can represent you and support you in potentially steering the jury to find you not guilty of the offences you were charged with. If you are found guilty your criminal defense lawyer can potentially get you a reduced sentence, by negotiating a deal or plea bargain with the prosecutor.


You should find a criminal defense lawyer that fits your needs. Therefore you must conduct thorough research, considering the vast availability of lawyers and law firms out there. If you are in need of a lawyer, you can start your research by looking at, although, as this can be an overwhelming process and you may still be considering whether you need a criminal defense lawyer, this article provides with a few basic reasons why you might need one.  

Knowledge of the judicial system

The first obvious and most vital reason to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer is that they have the appropriate training and experience that have equipped them with a specific understanding of how the judicial system works. The criminal justice system can be confusing, even for those who face it on a daily basis, but a lawyer with experience understands the intricate workings of the court systems and can help guide you through the process based on your individual case.  

Emotional support

Although a criminal defense lawyer is not a therapist, they can support you and manage the emotions that go along with criminal trials, particularly as they will be aware of the serious consequences being charged with criminal offences will have on you. They can further help by advising you of the realities of the legal system and be open, honest and clear about what you can expect during trial. They can also guide you through the court rules and regulations, which will potentially make you feel more comfortable and prepared for this challenge.

Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

They have built relationships with prosecutors

Having the experience of working in the legal settings for long periods of time provides defense lawyers to develop relationships with their opposing parties, the prosecution. It may seem strange to develop a positive relationship with an opponent, however, both parties understand that everyone has a better experience when people are familiar with each other. Having a lawyer who has a positive relationship with your prosecuting attorney can benefit you and the outcome of your case by allowing them to negotiate a better plea deal.  

They can protect your future

An experienced criminal defense lawyer can make or break your case, which will seriously impact your future. A good lawyer may be able to get your charges reduced, as well as any penalties, or even get your case dismissed due to police errors and illegally obtained evidence against you This means that you could avoid having a criminal record, or even if you are found guilty, a lawyer could potentially keep you from. 

They can advise you on the possible outcomes

Some criminal defense lawyers can mistakenly tell you what they think you want to hear about how they can help you in your case and assure that there will be no negative outcome, leaving you unprepared for the realities that you could potentially face. A good criminal defense lawyer can advise you on what can truly happen if you are convicted and can advise you on the steps you should take in your specific case.


If you are faced with the difficulty of having been charged with criminal offences, the overwhelming thoughts of being involved in the criminal justice system and the unknown of how your future will be affected can have a detrimental impact on you as an individual as well as your loved ones. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer to support you and guide you through the process is the surest way to potentially minimise the negative impacts and emotions associated with this challenging situation. 

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