Distract Yourself Using These Quick Projects [9 Ideas]

Distract Yourself - Quick Projects

Are you stuck in your apartment and looking for something quick to do to distract yourself? Check out these nine awesome project ideas to revamp your space!

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If a lot is going on in your life and you need a distraction, don’t fret. We know what you can do that will help shift your focus.

It all starts with having some fun in your apartment! 

Think about everything that you can do. Some tasks may be to-do items you’ve been putting off. Or, there may be projects you haven’t ever thought of doing that could be worthwhile! 

The tasks to focus on in your apartment are endless, which means you’ll never get bored! Below are nine quick projects worth doing for a bit of a distraction — and a ton of fun! 


1. Schedule on a Dry Erase Board

An easy way to distract yourself is to come up with an effective system to create a schedule. 

One idea is to hang up a dry-erase board either on the wall or on the fridge. A dry-erase board is ideal for writing down a schedule.

If you tend to forget about what’s on the list that day, this board will remind you. 

But be sure to update it daily or weekly, depending on the type of dry erase board you have. It won’t serve its purpose if you don’t keep it up to date! 


2. Create a Pet Den

If you have a pet who would feel more comfortable in a den, create one for him! 

Putting together a hideaway for him to feel safe is an enjoyable undertaking. 

To put together a relaxing spot for him, look for an area in your apartment that’s suitable. For example, his den could be under a desk or in the corner of the room.

Use a curtain and blankets to create a dark spot where he can be alone and take a nap or two. He’ll love having a safe haven. 

You might have a velcro dog on your hands. If that’s the case, set up his area in a spot near where you hang out a lot of the time. That way, he’ll feel safe enough to be on his own knowing that you’re near. 


3. Get a Key Holder

Do you misplace your keys all the time? 

Invest in a key holder that’s near the entryway to keep track of them.  You could put a key holder either on the wall or in an organizer on a table. 

You don’t have to buy a key holder. Instead, consider creating one or use something you already own, such as a ring dish. 

If you feel up to making a key holder, you can put hooks on a wooden board or decorative frame. 

Think outside the box and come up with an appealing yet unique way to display your keys. The end result just might please you greatly!


4. Declutter the Kitchen

If your kitchen is getting overpacked, it’s time to go through some things.

Sort through items and come up with a keep and toss pile. A few things to get rid of are old Tupperware containers that you haven’t used lately. Besides, you probably need to replace them anyway. 

Or, it could be time to upgrade an appliance such as a coffee maker. Give away your old one and invest in a durable coffee maker that will be around for a while. 

Decluttering means making some tough decisions, so don’t expect to keep everything.

After sorting through everything in your kitchen, the outcome will be a clean and organized space!


5. Go Through Your Books

If you’re an avid reader (and even if you aren’t), it’s easy to let books pile up.

Slim down your collection by only keeping your favorites and donating the rest. 

You may have a hard time deciding which books to donate. If that’s the case, consider getting a reading device such as a Kindle Paperwhite. You can buy the digital versions of some of the books you have in paperback to cut back on space. 

Focus on keeping the books you can’t part with, and that also blends in well with the decor on your bookshelf!


6. Clear Off Your Desk

A desk is a magnet for all sorts of clutter, such as mail and knick-knacks.

Take time to go through things. It’d be wise to create a spot for everything so that you can focus on keeping things organized.

Have file folders for relevant documents and mail you need to go through. And a paperclip holder and other storage accessories to keep things in order. 

You’ll feel so much better with a clean and organized desk. 


7. Organize an Entertainment Center

If there’s a way for you to tidy up your entertainment center, get to it! 

Rearrange things to showcase your favorite movies and other media. 

If you have glass doors that reveal what’s inside, put your favorite DVDs and Blu-ray discs in the front. Your least favorites should, of course, be in the back. You could even go so far as to alphabetize them, so you’ll know where to find a movie. 

Be creative with how you display media, and it’ll come together nicely. Your entertainment center will look amazing! 


8. Rearrange Your Gallery Wall

You might decide to change the arrangement of some of the decor in your apartment.

If there’s a gallery on the wall, switch things around to create a brand new look!

Wall galleries don’t have to have a specific structure. You can mix and match framed photos, word art, and even larger pieces such as a key! 

Enjoy coming up with a gallery that suits your personality. And remember if you get tired of the new layout, you can always change it again later. 

Moving things around is an excellent way to feel like you’re in a brand new space!


9. Spruce Up the Entryway

An entryway can always look better, and you’re the person to transform it! 

Add cubbies for shoes and a rug that eliminates some dirt. 

Another idea is to have a floating shelf. On a floating shelf, you can place pet items such as a leash and other things you need access to regularly. 

Of course, decorative items such as a favorite framed photo of your niece or nephew are lovely.

Your entryway should be inviting and functional. So take the time to think about what you need and bring it to life. 

In Conclusion

If you thought you were in for a dull day, you thought wrong! There’s no way you can get bored now that you have all these quick projects to try. 

Even if you don’t feel motivated to start on a project, pick one and try it out. Before you know it, you’ll be having a great time. 

Tidying things up isn’t always entertaining. Yet, it’ll be fantastic having an organized apartment after the fact. And, doing something like switching up a gallery will be a therapeutic task.

Now get to work! You have a lot to do, and all these entertaining distractions will no doubt keep you busy!


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Novel Rio is a brand-new, mid-century inspired complex located in downtown Tempe just steps away from restaurants, shopping, museums, and cultural events. Explore the Rio life by grabbing a kayak from the on-site gear room, or grill by the pool with your friends. You will have everything you need right at your fingertips. All you have to do is seize the day!

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