7 Safety Tips Every New Motorcycle Rider Needs to Know

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Hitting the open road on a motorcycle is a way of life for some. For others, it’s a weekend escape from the daily stresses of life. Whether you’re a new motorcycle rider or an experienced one, it’s important to remember these 7 motorcycle rider safety tips.

Cautions for A New Motorcycle Rider

Because motorcycles tend to be less visible to other drivers, there is an increased risk that you could be involved in a serious accident. In fact, motorcyclists were 27 times more likely to die in a car crash than occupants of a car.

That’s why these safety tips are so important.

Tip #1. Pick the Right Motorcycle

Perhaps you’re still comparing models and brands. Choosing the right bike is important for your safety.

Things to consider:

  • Weight of the bike
  • Power of the bike
  • Power-to-weight ratio 

No matter how excited you are to hit the back country, you must still consider your experience and overall strength. 

Tip #2: Always Wear Protective Gear

If you fall off of your bike your injuries could be very serious. You need specialized gear to protect your head, hands, arms, legs, feet, and torso. 

Protective gear should include:

  • Full-face helmet
  • Abrasion-resistant jacket with armor
  • Motorcycle gloves
  • Long pants or jeans
  • Boots that go past your ankles

You can also find specialized motorcycle pants that have armor as well as moto boots.

Tip #3: Be Aware of the Weather

Wet or icy roads can quickly become hazardous. Riding in rain, snow, or foggy conditions can also make it harder to see. Before heading out, be sure to check the weather forecast and make adjustments if needed.

Tip #4: Ride Sober or Not At All

Alcohol and motorcycles do not mix. It can slow your reaction time and impair your judgment. You need every bit of concentration in order to control your bike.

Tip #5: Stay Alert

If you’re tired you won’t be as alert to possible dangers. It’s a good idea to take breaks and stretch every few hours. If you need to stop and rest…do it. 

Tip #6: Take Care of Your Bike

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your bike in peak condition and prevent damage to the parts or breakdowns on the road. Check your owner’s manual or online for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

You also want to give your bike a thorough inspection before a road trip.

Tip #7: Follow the Rules and Drive Defensively

Remember you tend to be invisible to other drivers. It may be up to YOU to avoid accidents. Ride with your headlights on and stay out of other drivers’ blind spots.

It’s also important to follow local traffic laws. It might be tempting to skirt around a traffic jam but resist. Watch your speed, as well. The faster you go, the longer it will take to stop.

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Be Safe On the Open Road

As a new motorcycle rider, following these safety tips are very important. Handling these bikes takes skills and patience.

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